TRIBAL BLACK OPS film ‘The Interviews with Cast & Crew ‘

SIMONA BEAR CUB         Assiniboine, Lakota, Dakota, and Yokuts


ERIC GALVAN          Cherokee and Tarahumara


ART PAUL   Greek and Armenian



BRIAN HARPER – Tribal Black Ops, Blood Drive short film and Daisy and the Pig…Diverse Talent…PERHAPS ?

1) Directing or Director Of Photography ?
I enjoy both, but there’s just something about being behind the camera that’s always been exciting to me.

2) Fan of MMA,BOXING and now a action-adventure…You ready ?

              I’m excited about the idea of shooting action sequences as it’ll be my first experience doing so. I’m hoping that having watched so much MMA, and having trained a bit in brazilian jiu-jitsu myself, that it’ll help me a little in shooting these action scenes for the short film Tribal Black Ops.

3) BEST of ‘The Harp’ On/Off set ?

                I see I have a new nickname,  I like it lol. Um, I’d like to think I’m fairly creative, easy to get along with, and very dependable.

4) WORST of ‘The Harp’ On/Off set ?

               Probably that I’m a worrier, on and off set. I’m constantly asking myself “what if this, what if that?” which works well for the creative side of me, but also drives me crazy when its trivial things I shouldn’t be worried about. It’s a blessing and a curse!

5) One Sentence Descriptions –

David Stay -bold
,Eric Galvan -dedicated
,Miranda Kaye Sweat -sweet
,Art Paul-humble
and The Pig -smelly____________.
6) Ever gonna write a screenplay ?
           As a matter of fact, I am in the process of writing my first feature length screenplay. It’s a comedy/rom-com.

7) Tribal Black Ops,as a short film pilot for tribe considerations and Indie-GoGo …Daunting ? Exciting ?

              I think it’s exciting. This is the biggest project that I will have been a part of as either director or director of photography.

8) What is next after your winning streak with DAISY AND THE PIG and TRIBAL BLACK OPS ?

          Regal Cinemas just announced it’s 2nd Annual Short Film Showdown that will take place this summer, so I’m looking forward to entering that.


             Fresno State Focus is the name of the news station at Fresno State where students get to learn and practice how a live news program operates. Getting to be on the set, and learn there was one of the highlights of my time at Fresno State.

10) As we leave you ,Last inspiring statement for a fan’s take-a-way ?

For anyone who is interested in any aspect of film making, I’d say to just start making films with the equipment (or lack of equipment) you currently have, and go from there, and each time you do a project, keep a log of the things you learned or want to remember for the next time you make a project.brian2brian3


HOMEWRECKED is Rolling Thunder meets Helter Skelter ON CRACK !


Stars: James VanBeeber, Timothy Quill and Sebrina Scott.

Write & Directed by : Michael S. Rodriquez


OK,So this film is short but is about to be added to an anthology for wide release LAST AMERICAN HORRORSHOW Which  will have This and Night Of The Sea Monkey, Lamb Feed and the soon to be filmed Love Starved.

Rolling Thunder (’77) was about a Vietnam Vet who has been wronged and takes revenge to an extreme, Like Tarantino and That Other Director named Rodriguez this them is a throwback to the Drive-Inn fare that made alot a millenials be born !

The cast is amazing and unseen on this level in many a flick ago – James Van Beeber was ‘King Of SOV’ with Deadbeat At Dawn & The Manson Family…LIKE Helter ,Skelter !

Timothy Quill of The Spiderman movies and From Dusk Till Dawn 2 by That other Rodriguez.

Sebrina Scott we just love to see on screen, and plays one of the sexiest preggers ever.

Suspense, logical story telling,great acting and direction and again Was Short, But Sweet.

BLOOD DRIVE short film Interviews


Miranda Kaye Sweat, Female Leadmiranda2

Eric Galvan, Male Leaderic2

David Stay ,Guestaring  Villianstay2

Kevin Searcy, Directorkev



1) Did you know 12 actresses auditioned for your role in Blood Drive

No I had no idea! I knew there had been several but I was not aware that there was 12

2) What is harder to do Modeling or Acting ?

I would have to say they are both equally challenging and demanding.

With modeling you have to always be on your A-game as far as eating healthy and working out.  With Acting it is a combination of a lot of technique and memorization for blocking marks when to turn and where.  Not to mention memorizing an entire script.

3)  BEST of Miranda’ On/Off set ?

Best On Set:  Ability to keep focused and flexible simultaneously.  Best Off Set:  Desire to gain knowledge of the in’s and out’s of this industry

4) WORST of Miranda’ On/Off set Worst On Set:

Over thinking the scene or my role.  Worst Off Set:  Impatient.eric1bd3

5) One Sentence Descriptions –

Kevin Searcy:   Extremely helpful and very patient in communicating direction of on set.

Eric Galvan:      Very Respectful, there was a physical scene to be initiated by Eric that made me very uncomfortable.  I expressed this to him prior to the scene.  Well, the first few takes took place and Kevin came over and said, “So are we taking that part out?” We laughed and then continued following the script.

David Stay:       He was a character and kept me laughing.  He also taught me a lot on set for getting into and maintaining my character.

6) Was ‘Blood Drive’ the coldest you have been ?

That was probably top 3 of the coldest I’ve been.  There was one time I did a fashion show where I had to wear a dress made from window screening and old computer parts in 35 degrees for about four hours, however, even then my feet weren’t turning blue and I didn’t have the uncontrollable shakes like on set with the Blood Drive.

7) On your resume it says Whistling & Fire Arms ? Care to explain ?

I Absolutely love whistling to different songs on the radio, but I can only do it when I’m driving by myself because it drives everyone in the car crazy.  As far as firearms, being a southern girl that was mandated in our house hold.

8) Supposed to be a Feature Film about modern day BLOOD DRIVE, You gonna audition for it ?

OF COURSE I AM!  I had such a great time on the short set, I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to work with such a great team!

9) So you must hear how much you look like the Classic Beauties of film & modeling like Marilyn Monroe ? You okay with comparisons ?

Yes, I really do like the comparisons.  It is very encouraging to hear them.  I’m not your average 6 ft tall 110 lb model.  If all of those talented women can make it in the industry then why can’t I?  Just don’t ask me to sing…

10) So your fans are just now gathering to support your career, What do you wanna say to them ?

You can’t get anywhere in this industry without people taking notice of you.  Those are the ones who really help you get out there and continue to give you the encouragement to keep going when things are slow.  So thank you to those who have always and will continue to support me.






ERIC GALVAN – from Port Of Subs graduation to Blood Drive then Tribal Black Ops

1) Villain or hero roles ?
                 I would go with villain. They have a lot of motivation to take down someone almost god like. A  silver surfer or superman type character. Villain is always sneaky and envious. What comes to mind is ABC’s Once upon a time. The Rumpelstiltskin role he plays is a classic villain role, always seems like that would be a blast to play. I feel as though I could get really into a villain mindset…but heroes can statistically always fly or surf in space. I change my answer to hero. Hero.

2) Is Acting or modeling harder ?

              Acting is harder as of now. Really getting the script down pat is my good stresser of it all. Really getting them down. Once I do, that is when I start trying to understand the character on a real and deep level.  With out the worry of having to remember lines. it’s easier for me just to concentrate on the character alone. Modeling is awkward to me, unsure exactly why. Maybe the unnaturalness of stillness. But acting for me is harder.

3) One Sentence Descriptions –

     David Stay -David is a wizard for sure. Time guardian maybe?
,Miranda Kaye Sweat- Miranda Kaye was great! A total professional.
Luke Brandon Field – Luke was like working with a young Michael Caine, brilliant.
,Kevin Searcy -Kevin used the Z word more than I appreciated.
,Jeslen Mishelle-Jeslen was ready to go and really funny.
and Art Paul – Art, his warm nature and smile made art someone  to remember. What? Sounds like art died. Art seemed genuine.

4 ) BEST of ‘ GalvanIZER ‘ On/Off Set ?

         I don’t think I fully understand what you mean by this? Lol. But here goes. Best on scene was the bar scene. It was warm and the locals were great. And the owner she was a great host.  Off scene I  would say the food. The producers were so considerate. They even bought plant based food and vegan snacks!

5) WORST of ‘ The GalavanIZER ‘ On/Off set ?!

            Worst on scene would be the cold for sure. But I never heard any complaints Everyone was so into making this, it was cool to be part of.   Worst off scene would have to do with a drunkard crashing one of our scenes and fighting with crew.

6) Without giving away any spoilers, You and David Stay (Photon Villian) got close on set of Blood Drive : short film, Any Behind The Scenes gossip ?

                                           There is no doubt in my mind David Stay is a 4000 year old wizard. Look it up.

7) Stunts was this a one of, Or you done before ?

               I’ve done minor stunts in a fight scene for a short film directed by Raphi Barakat. The stunts for Blood Drive  were definitely more demanding and carried more risks.

8) You have done plays, What is the difference to film ?

          Plays have a naturalness to them. A fluidity that makes it smoother to really become someone else in front of a live audience that is totally in sync with your character and every word.  Film loses that when it’s shot out of sequence, which is understandable when things inevitably always happen slightly different than planned and you need to get locations and many, many other things.

9) Blood Drive has a feature version coming soon, You up for it ?

                                Count me in.

10) Last chance to get those NEW Fans AND GO ….

I’m would like to thank Joe, Robert, Adam and Kevin for hiring me to do this. This was a fun two days and nights and morning I wont forget anytime soon. Just want to say thanks to the cast and crew of BD, everyone was about getting this film made. Can’t wait to see it.


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