1) NARCO SUB – Any gossip ?

no real gossip. We had a blast filming the movie and everyone got along! It was like a film family!

2) Do you miss Fresno,Ca. ?

I do miss Fresno a lot! All of my family is there and I miss them tremendously. It has a special place in my heart!

3) BEST of ‘The Vera’ On/Off set ?

I’m a very optimistic person by nature and I’m always in a good mood. So I would say I’m a hoot on and off set hahahaha…I may be biased though

4) WORST of ‘The Vera’ On/Off set ?

I’m a people person and love to meet new people. Sometimes that can be persecuted as me flirting when in reality I just enjoy getting to know people!

5) One Sentence Descriptions ?

Shawn Welling –

Shawn Welling: he really has an amazing eye for beautiful shots and I love how he allows the actors to really feel their character

Tom Sizemore –

Tom Sizemore: he gets into his character and he really goes for it!

Lee Majors –

Lee Majors: super nice, patient, professional, and is someone to look up to!

Robert Lasardo –

Robert Lasardo: it was amazing to see how Robert approaches each scene and breaks it down. He’s a great actor!

George Ohan –

George Ohan: I haven’t met him personally, but if he’s from Fresno then he’s gotta be an amazing person hahaha

6) Prefer Acting or Writing ?

I absolutely love acting and prefer to do that! However, I am currently writing my own film that is based on a real story

7) Still do any sports ?

yeah I still play a lot of sports, however as my wife and I are expecting our first born, that will probably change. I still play full field soccer, sand volleyball, softball periodically, kickball periodically, golf, rock climb etc.

-8- Will you work with ‘Deep Water Productions’ again ?

8) I would definitely work with Deep Water again! Hopefully they would want to have me work with them lol

9) If NARCO SUB is compared to the TAKEN Series of films ?

If people compare Narco Sub to Taken, then I feel honored! That was such a great movie and Liam Neeson is a badass!!! Which would mean I’m a badass hahaha9) I

10) Final thoughts, Sentiments on fans ?

I wanna thank each and everyone of our fans! And for those that have dreams, go for it! I’m a kid from Fresno making movies…who would’ve thought…but if I can do it, then anyone can! Just go for it!!! And I wanna give a shout out to my wife for supporting me!!! Without her love and support than I wouldn’t be able to act!!!


Here we go..

1) Shazam or Captain Marvel, Which hero name is yours ? Why ?

Capt. Marvel. That’s the role I played.

2) Saturday mornings, Shazam & Secrets of Isis What’s your favorite part of role ? Takeaways of that experience ?

Shazam/Isis? It was fun working with Joanna and her co-stars.

3) BEST of “Real John” on/off set ? Got along with everybody in cast and crew.

4) WORST of ” Real John” on/off set ?

Sometimes I get alittle impatient, But the worst I prefer to keep to myself.

5) One Sentence Descriptions :
MICHAEL GRAY- Great guy,Good friend and Talented actor.

BUDDY EBSEN- I only worked with Him a couple times, But He seemed like a nice,laid-back kind of guy.

JAMES GARNER- I couldn’t say enough kind things about that guy.

ROD SERLING- A master story teller.

JOE FRAZIER- Speaking from experience as his former sparring partner, Joe had One – Helluva- left hook !

6) Do you feel part of the ‘ Captain Marvel’ controversy ?

I Do NOT feel a part of the #CaptainMarvel controversy.

7) Your Boxing Career, Any details ?

Probably the best thing I got out of Boxing was my SAG card, But I have few regrets.

-8- Conventions,Podcasts,Interviews you have done recently …Fun to do or not ?

The conventions and podcasts Ive done,For the most part, Are alot of fun.

9) We dedicated our latest movie to you,Because we think you deserve current accolade….Your opinion of your place in History ?

Of course, Im honored for the dedication to me in your film,As for my place in history…I hope I earned respect from my peers,And was a postive influence on youngsters who watched #Shazam.

10) What’s your Final Thoughts for Fan’s to remember You ?

How much I appreciate them,And how much fun it was getting to know some of them.

IMDb: Alysia Ingrim and Awnna Albright in The Clause (2020)

#ValleywoodWerewolves on Central Valley Talk show.

JAVIER CAZARES – living life to the fullest !

1) Fashion or film ?


2) Was it weird playing werewolves in SOLDADOLOBO, WOLFVET-VS-CYBORG and WOLF CORPS ?

it was actually fun doing the werewolf roles.

3) BEST of Javi On/Off set ?

his compassion and willingness to others,so help

4) WORST of Javis On/Off set ?

No comments.

5) One Sentence Descriptions :

Art..very humble and caring man.



, a true professional at his craft.


Great writer & director.


Just a angel.


Great stunt co-ordinator and actor.

6) WHY take pictures ? because I love to capture moments for others.

7) Fresno,Los Angeles or San Diego ?


-8- Explain your workout routine ?

Get up in the morning,Do pushups, Dumb bell curlings,Shoulder workout and pull ups.

9) WHOSE clothes are more important at an event ,Men ? Women ?

Both are equally important to me.

10) Final thoughts Lasting impression for your fans ?

my final thoughts are… find what you are good at and enjoy doing and do it the very best you can. Most importantly just do it! All is possible if you dedicate time and energy to it!