JASON HILD – Valleywood’s Everyman Actor,This guy is the one for Micro-Cinema Leading Men roles

JOHN NEPTUNE & The Sky Palace King webisodes-Heart of The Horse – Franklin Lopez Productions
Shattered Flames- Neptune Cinemajason
Gold Fools – Tremendum Pictures
Firefall: An Epic Family Adventure – Aftershock Studios
Romance-Strike It Rich Productions
Build A Better Fastball – Entandem Productions

1) Have heard you referred to The ‘TOM HANKS’ of Micro-Cinema,You ok with that comparison ?

I have heard that once before, and I think it’s just about the best compliment a male actor could get. Since I started acting, Tom Hanks has been my muse. From what I’ve been told by people who have worked with him is that he is very fun and professional to work with. In between takes he would be joking around with the actors, but as soon as it’s time to for the camera to roll, he would switch gears and be very professional. I see myself the same way, and I respect the fact that he is so successful for being an actor, not a media headline. I’d love to aspire to the level of clout that Tom Hanks has achieved.
If you are reading this Tom, I’ll totally be your padawan! 🙂

2) Being typecast as the ‘EVERYMAN’ in films,Could you do much Action-Adventure or Horror ?

I see myself eventually gravitating towards Action – Adventure. I’m a huge fantasy buff and one of my goals as an actor is to play the lead in some fantasy based Action – Adventure. Hey Marvel, *cough*An Iron Fist movie needs to be made *cough* *cough*

I love acting in Horror just because everything is just so raw, but I don’t watch much if it.

3) One Sentence Descriptions – MATTHEW SCONCE_________,BARRY RICHEY___________,TRAVIS CLUFF______,IAN PUGH___________ and BRI PASLEY_____________.

So I’ll preface this question with this: I feel that alot of these attributes fit multiple people that we are talking about, and It’s boring to just put AMAZING for all of them, so I’ll try to sub categorize amazing for each of them.

Matt Sconce: Epic! (Haha, bit of an inside joke but I absolutely love Matt)

Barry Richey: Warm-Hearted

Travis Cluff: Inspiring

Ian Pugh: Creative

Bri Pasley: Schmexy

4) BEST of The ‘Jas ‘ On / Off Set ?

OnSet: Oh geez, I feel like some of these questions should be answered by somebody other than myself. When I dedicate myself to a project, I fully dedicate myself to that project. I help grip, do sound, or whatever the director needs to get the project done. I feel like my contributions help make the film that much better. I like to have a good time, keep things fun on set. Things can get dreary when you have been working 12+ hours. It’s always nice to reel people back into reality after they are slowly fading into the darkness.
OffSet: I do a lot of gaming, website designing and manage a local Geek Squad. I also play guitar and sing, and recently got back into song writing.

5) WORST of The ‘Jas’ On / Off Set ?

OnSet: Anyone who I have worked with can attest that I leave little que cards everywhere. The more lines I have, the more que cards are to be found.
OffSet: I have too many hobbies, and I can never seem to get quite good enough at any of them.

6) Ever Gonna Write or Direct ?

I’ve had creative itches in the past. I’ve written some music, short stories and poems. But I’m not sure if that is my primary focus. Maybe somewhere down the line or if I get a great concept in my head that I – just – have to share with the world.

7) Does a film have to go theatrical or is ‘Youtube’ good enough ?

Depends. If you are looking to make money, then theatrical is a better way to go. If you want it to get out to the viewers, youtube is good enough. And if it becomes popular enough on youtube, there is a chance for future projects to get theatrical distribution.

8) ‘ Shattered Flames ‘ is your latest film, Behind the scenes gossip ? Don’t you agree with this critic,That ‘Valentine’s Day’ would make it great for Amazon release ???

Haha, behind the scenes gossip? Ian, showed me his Star Wars collection… I’ve never been so happy in my life! In terms of gossip, everything went really smoothly and was very professional and fun. I feel like everybody who worked on the project became closer, which is awesome!
I think it would be a good release for Valentine’s Day since there is quite a bit of romance. But with the theme that Ian gave for it, I think Halloween is where it really shines.

9) Facial hair or Not ? Long Hair or short ?

Facial hair, short is what I am told I look best with. But my nerdy side has always wanted to grow it out long enough to be an elven archer Rivendell.

10) Well,Tell your soon-to-be fans…Something special?

I act it to bring light into peoples lives. If I can make at least one person forget about one negative thing for even just one minute, I feel I have been successful as an actor and everything has been worth it. Saying that I have fans takes that feeling and really validates it for me. Thank you so much for you support 🙂
[1] https://www.facebook.com/pages/Heart-Of-The-Horse/319889421382914
[2] http://youtu.be/al9vzcVwAhU
[3] http://www.vimeo.com/25464205
[4] http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2265088/
[5] http://youtu.be/BBigwXBnti0
[6] http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2354003/
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[8] http://youtu.be/7n8Kp8j1OFI
[9] http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2188691/
[10] http://youtu.be/Qh4Nqxns5Gkjason


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