SCARLET FRY – A “Classic” Icon stays in the Micro-Cinema Game !

Scarlet Fry
Crushed Velvet (post-production)
Keeping It Real Guy

2013 Scream Machine
Homeless Schizo, Paul

2013 Voices from the Grave
Book keeper

2010 Nightmare Alley

2007 Junkfood Horrorfest
1) What is it like to be a Micro-Cinema Icon/Legend ?
It’s a great feeling to be known in the Genre, And to be called an Icon & a legend Is a great honor, All i Need are some hot groupies and a big paycheck & I’d say fantastic haha.
In all honesty it’s been a dream of mine since i was a kid, just to be able to say i did it , not i wish i did it. I just did a radio interview & came on right after Phillip Friedman who played the scary old woman in insidious, It felt really good to be in that kind of company. Now if I could just be a victim in one Friday the 13th movie I could die happy.

2) Is it easier to make your films Now or Then ?
I think standards in filmmaking have changed, B-Movies are a lot more professionally shot these days with all the new technology, in the old days it was a lot easier to make a good bad movie, now days you have to almost make it so bad it’s good on purpose, and then market it as such. When we did Nightmare Alley we wanted it to be Fun, we never expected to be thought of as brilliant filmmakers. Im very influenced by guys like John Waters & Herschell Gordon Lewis because they broke the rules. If you walk across a light on my set and don’t say crossing i can care less.

3) BEST of ‘Scarlet’ On/Off set ? Best on set Im very easy to work with, like i said if you don’t have gaffer tape I don’t mind, Im not Mr technical, yes movies are hard work but should also be fun, if you know what your doing and you have a vision then its going to get done so why be a hard guy to work with, its your baby not theirs. Off set Im just an average guy, & easy to get along with, & Of course I love a good scary movie.

4) WORST of ‘Scarlet On/Off set ? Worst on set sometimes I get lazy the DP may ask me to look over a shot & I’ll say “is it good” & he will say “I think it looks good” & I’ll say “It’s a take”, thats something i need to work on. I met an actress Katie MacDowell who was great to work with because she gave me some great ideas, and that was really refreshing when your feeling tired, and somebody on set says “Hey lets try this out & it works” Its very cool when that happens. It’s always good to be open minded & take suggestions. I think a bad thing i did in my early days was argue with critics, i learned never to do that again. I love getting a bad review now because i realize i got a reaction & thats all that matters.

5) One Sentence Descriptions – Walter Ruether_A down to earth everyday guy, Im nothing like the Scarlet Fry character in real life._____________,Calico Cooper_A blast to work with and a good sport.____________,Ron Jeremy A funny guy, i got to squirt zombie juice on him in a scene i did in a film called Blood Moon Rising, Yes i officially squirt on Ron Jeremy Sorta speak How cool is that.________,Late Don Dohler_I Never met him._________ and Tiffany Shepis__I was in a film with her but didn’t get a chance to meet her.________.

6) Do you miss VCR s ? Yes i especially miss video stores, If we still had a store on every corner like we did back in the 80’s we’d all be rich. I based the wrap around story of Scream Machine on a couple who rents a cursed VCR and it comes with a bunch of tapes, which will be the vignettes.

7) SCREAM MACHINE gossip ? Behind The Scenes ?? As far as Gossip we may have a big up and coming actor in the film. Let’s just say he’s in the film and is awaiting some huge hollywood parts which i need to keep a secret right now. The filming went pretty smooth, I love it when my actors want to use fake names. Being in my film is such an honor they need to change their names in case they go get a real job like in politics or Law haha. I remember one girls boyfriend said to her “Are you sure you wanna be in this movie, what if you run for president someday, I spit my Starbucks all over the set haha.

8) VOICES FROM THE GRAVE tidbits,nuggets of Making Of ? I was in The film as a Book keeper Voices from the grave is another Anthology , but i only act in it. One of the vignettes was written by Gary Brandner author of the Howling, it was very well done & is a more serious and scary film then Nightmare Alley was. Laurence Holloway co produced both films & played a small part in Scream Machine. I really look forward to the release of Voices from the grave, Director Richard Stoudt is somebody your going to wanna keep your eye on, he’s got talent.

9) Ever wanna make a HOLLYWOOD Big-Budget flick ? Of course Im still trying to figure that out, if anybody out there wants to fund me , please let me know I got a great idea for a film, Picture Black Swan meets the Re-animator. I got some other ideas that would make you laugh your ass off but I’m not sure the world is ready yet. I wanted to Make Bath Salt Zombies but somebody beat me to it. Other titles i have in the future incluse Slum goddess from the lower east side & La Creesha from the black lagoon, all kinds of great B Movie madness, then i may bring Scarlet Fry back into the mix and host another anthology when i’m 70 that will be really creepy.

10) Leave us with some of your knowledge _Do it because you love it, not for the money, Just because you got a DVD distributed doesn’t mean your gonna hit it big, you have to really market yourself, which is a whole other ballgame. If you have the passion & want to make films just do it, and stop talking about doing it. Im very happy to say I have 4 films under my belt all in distribution. Alice cooper once said in an interview everybody should have an Alice it would be great. I invented Scarlet Fry & I can say The thought actually became a reality through taking action, I can hold my DVD in my hand or watch it on Netflix & say to myself I freaking did it. This all started as an idea in my bedroom or drunk in a bar & all of a sudden somebody in Brazil is asking me to sign a DVD for them thats what feels so good. It just goes to show you the power of Film.


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