DIVE BOMBER – Audiobook that takes to the skies and then drops,drops and pulls up to Action Ecstasy !

Stars: Max Williams (Bullet In The Face ) &  Kristin Proctor.

It’s so obvious that Author Hubbard knew his way around planes,The story just takes you into the air and rarely drops except with a perfect landing.

This struggling airplane developer is making a us bomber ,That is better than all the worlds competition.

It’s exciting action/adventure and you (the listener) feels the take-offs and speed of wanting to have the plane that will beat any ship at sea & air.

Side note: Evidently when the pulp story was published ,A movie was made with Errol Flynn & Fred McMurray and they forgot to have Hubbard sign off on screenplay and owed him post filming and well things got fixed at a later date, LOL !



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