JOHN JOHNSON— So will movies about BATH SALTS or PLAN 9 cause controversy ???


1) Bath Salts: The web-series is either a stroke of timely genius or youre one sick @%^*+ ? EXPLAIN please ?

Well when Spade closed down, I loved the idea of a fan interactive show and wanted to start up a new one. With all the Urban Legends surrounding Bath Salts, I thought that’s the way to go! Zombies, end of the world, and conspiracy theories, this would write itself! And I am a little sick….

2) Mr. Johnson you are prolific and very talented,Think you’ll ever get a movie budget ?

Thank you for the kind words. And as you mention it, I did! The remake of Plan 9 From Outer Space I directed entitled Plan 9 just wrapped in production and is well into post and has a larger budget then all the films I made prior put together! Hopefully I won’t screw it up!

3) DARKEN was about a captive Unicorn,Do okay with ?

Hmm. I am not sure I understand the question fully. So I am gonna answer Red and 46.

4) On IMDB,People are commenting on your PLAN 9,Scared ?

Absolutely. This looks to be the largest release, production, budget, script, cast I have ever worked with. I will be hiding in a closet on opening night.

5) BEST of Johnny J On/Off the set ?

My Best. When we wrap on time, and the crew and cast laughed all the way through. And it is a huge rush when you are driving home and you feel you really made something out of a scene.

6) WORST of Johnny J On/Off set ?

Too Tired to get my head straight. I wear a lot of hats, and sometimes it can drain you to where you miss a detail in one of your positions. This I hate. I which it had a face so I could punch it in the kisser!

7) Ever heard of the DC Comic’s  MARTIAN MANHUNTER ? Your REEL Name ?

Ha. Yes I have. I am a huge DC fan. Sadly, thus is the name I was born with. But I can morph into my martian self from time to time, so we have that in common!

8) One Sentence Descriptions – Brian Krause________,Mister Lobo_________,Whisper Nicole___________,Monique Gata Dupree________ and Conrad Brooks______.

Brian Krause, a dangerously strong actor and is highly recommended by me to work with! Mister Lobo, a very funny man and creator. Whisper Nicole, very stunning and kooky little gal. Monique Dupree, a incredible professional and marketer as well as a good friend. Conrad Brooks, a hero of the genre and sweet, very kind dapper man!

9) How are you able to be so active and the stunts and the wearing of many hats in film production ?

Bath Salts. And other than that, It may look like magic, but I can’t take all the credit. I have an amazing crew that picks up all the slack. They also pick me up when I fall!

10) What is the End Thought,Your best statement for the masses ?

My name is John Johnson, and I deal in guilty pleasures.


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