DEATH BY VHS from Scarlet Fry and some other edgy film fiends…

Starring : Scarlet Fry,Victoria Paege,Rob Edwards and David C. Hayes.
Okay,If you’re a fan of The Ring,Groove Tube,UHF and Videodrome….GET THIS movie too.
Another anthology comes from Scarlet Fry and His Micro-cinema minions !
Let’s try to review segments in order,SUBURBAN SHE-FREAK,She has a facial issue and drinks a secret potion found the the internet,Great results for awhile and then ends with a bite !
‘ Zombie Love Story’, Thought was  watching a remake of a remake LAST MAN ON EARTH or Omega Man or what – is ? Ends very sadly.
‘Christmas Krampus’ – Really liked this one with a cool mask and costume ( And the extras show how was done.) Great moral to the story and explains why issues were not seasonal,One of my giant pet peeves.
‘ Regenerate’,Again just when you think Scarlet Fry hates women,This segment sends a rather timely message of…Watch your ‘tude ‘Bub.
LEPUS – Is almost feature length and timely as-all-get-out,There are Easter Bunny serial killer,Jesus as a Sheriff /Mercenary
AND they added to movie horror cliches- Shutting the blinds,Makes the serial killer go away,Even when framed perfectly in window ledge ! Mentioned earlier this segment is best realized and executed (pun) and has a ebb/ flow of killing and characters begging to die,Because they deserve it.
Lots of extras at end: Making of Scream Machine/Death By VHS and Scatter Guts Music Video who contributed a awesome theme song to goings on.vhs


2 thoughts on “DEATH BY VHS from Scarlet Fry and some other edgy film fiends…

  1. Thanks for the kind words about my segment, Lepus. Brian Smith and I had a blast writing it. Everyone in the cast was awesome and got what we were going for. Glad that translated to the screen. Thanks for watching. And you haven’t seen the last of Sheriff Cristos.

    Jacob O’Neal
    Director of Lepus

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