Darrell Mapson’s film debut was in More American Grafitti as a draft protestor and has 30 years of acting since as a cop, sheriff, guard, detective, soldier, biker, bouncer, bodyguard, hillbilly, redneck, Elvis Impersonator, etc. He also has a background in stunts and directing stunts. Was Ranger Voss, with Matt McCoy, in “Bigfoot: The Incredible Adventure”. Had a fight, as a guard, with Pierce Brosnan in “Lawnmowerman”. Got shot at by Arnold in “Terminator”. Was a detective, with Cheryl Ladd in “A Mothers Rage”. Was the stunt coordinator and biker in the werewolf film “Night Shadow” with Kato Kaelin. Sheriff & Stunt Coordinator for “Warpath”. Stunt double for Weird Al in his music video “I Lost On Jeopardy”. Played Marv the mechanic in the car racing film, “Finish Line” seen at finishlinemovie.com Also, gunfighter Luke Tanner in the western “Forgiven” with Alan Autry, which is available at pureflix.com. Jimmy the prison guard in “Death & Texas” with Charles Durning & Steve Harris.


BIO: I have played a cop, sheriff, guard, detective, soldier, biker, bouncer, bodyguard, hillbilly, redneck, Elvis Impersonator, etc.

I also have a background in stunts and directing stunts

. I was Ranger Voss, with Matt McCoy, in “BIGFOOT” the Incredible Adventure.

Had a fight, as a guard, with Pierce Brosnan in “LAWNMOWER MAN”.

Got shot at by Arnold in “TERMINATOR”.

Was a detective, with Cheryl Ladd in “A MOTHERS RAGE”.

Was the stunt coordinator and biker in the werewolf film “NIGHT SHADOW” with Kato Kaelin. 

Also, gunfighter Luke Tanner in the western “THE LEGEND OF JAKE KINCAID” with Alan Autry, which is available at DirtRoadProductions.com.

.  the director and cinematographer for “Hot Rod Horror” .
You have 2 movies in various stages of production – Completed,Filming and pre-production …Tell us about them.
1) ROMANCE,Gossip/Behind the scenes/What is next for this film ? Barry needed a DP for this film and I told him that I would do it if I could be a 50/50 partner with him on it and he agreed. We had a lot of fun
making the film with hardly any out of pocket expense. Mainly just video tape and a few snacks some days. We also did not shoot more than 6 hours at a time so that we would not wear out our actors and crew. I did a cameo and Barry let me write my own scene as a customer who was trying to flirt with his friend at work. Barry plans on making Romance 2 that shows him marrying the new girlfriend but with a different lead. That will be interesting if he can pull it off. I may do another cameo as a wedding crasher but not as DP.

2) TRESPASS INTO TERROR, fill us in… Trespass has been a challenge getting the filming completed. With so many leads in the scenes and varying schedules has made it tough. We also had the rainy weather to deal with and location availablity but it is slowly coming together. I play Mr. White, the father of the two girls who come into harms way while wandering onto a un welcomed owners property with new found boyfriends. My scenes have already been shot and it is toward the end of the film that we end up in a gun battle. I also started out as Assistant Director and a second cameraman when Kevin Searcy could not DP on certain days. I am the Stunt Coordinator as well. We have a few fight scenes and falls in the film. It looks like currently I will be doing more Directing as Willy Ortlieb has filled his plate as producer and co-writer with D.T. Carney, as I understand it. This film will end up looking very good and well acted out in time.
3) Your like the “King Of One Episodes” ,How did this happen…So many one of-appearances ?
It is kind of weird when I think about the roles and projects I have worked on. When you are first starting out, you jump in with both feet just to get work and you many times don’t really know what the whole film or TV show is all about. Also, unless you have a main part in the film, you won’t usually get picked up for a sequel. Then there are the pilots that you work hard on and they may not get picked up, or the project and your part ends up on the cutting room floor. Although, there is more pc editing now, so I guess you would have to say, end up the the trash or recycle bin. Then we are subject to type casting and as a character actor, it happens to me alot. I’m usually the cop or sheriff. Stick ’em up!

4) Fresno or Hollywood ?
I have lived in the LA area 3 different times in my career. Don’t like smog or traffic. Costs more to live there but you NEED to be there for the auditions and networking events, etc. However, in Fresno it works for me at the moment because I can make films and enjoy my hobbies and the friends and family that I have here. Besides, I will in the future be shooting all over CA and hopefully beyond. I will continue to go to LA when needed. In the meantime, I will play parts that work for me in my films and any partners films.

5) In one sentence describe
….Willy O…. Good idea man, good writer, picky, focused, determined.
Kevin Searcy …is a man with a mission,

Alexis Schneider… is new and improved,

Barry Richey… is growing by leaps and bounds.

6) You’ve worked with two politicians who used to act…Alan Autry and Arnold Schwarzenegger
…Comments ?
Outloud? lol. Yeah sure. Alan I know pretty well. Good family man and actor, director. He brought out the best in me when he had me play Roy in “Lonestar”. I grew as an actor. I believe I picked up some coaching and directing techniques as well from him. I would like him as a big brother. Except he shot me dead in “Legend Of Jake Kincaid”. Kind of hard to be in the sequel! Arnold…hmm…he was entertaining to say the least, on and off the set of T-1. Let’s just say he has mellowed since then. On camera we all had to run from him at the police station while he was shooting at us. Things were flying everywhere. At one point they were using large ball bearings that where riping through the walls and plexiglass was shattering everywhere. It was wild. Once you go down, you stayed down until it was over. Too much fun. 5)Do you miss doing stunts or is it better now to use your OTHER skills ? Oh I loved doing the physical stuff. The fight scenes and falls. Reminded me of my football days. The car chases are great. Lots of adrenaline. Remember the film “Hooper”? Well, that’s how my body feels now and I didn’t even do any real crazy stuff like the “dukes” car jumps. Some of those guys broke their backs! Now I just love acting and directing. Of course I still can set up and direct some stunts.

7) What is the BEST of the “MAP” ?
Yet to come, I hope.

8) …And the WORST of the “MAP” ?
Trying too hard and not forgiving myself for past mistakes.

9) How important is HOT ROD HORROR success ?
HRH is what I am concentrating on right now.. The filming is done and we are in post right now. We are orchestrating the film by picking out the best shots, getting help with the music and sound effects. It is a tedious task but I believe the final outcome will be really good. We have a great asset in Lisa May, she is the “magic woman”, as I affectionately call her. We are getting so much help locally and from the LA area as well. It’s great. This is actually my feature film debut as a director. I have done short films and concerts, music videos etc. and have helped countless others on their projects, so I was ripe to take this one on with my partners Willy O. and Michael Caldwell. We are getting good reports on you-tube, FB and IMDB. just from the title, trailer and cast. People keep asking when can they see it. It is important to all that have worked on it, yes. I also believe that it will do well. You have to believe.

10) Parting thoughts from ‘MAP’ster ?
Nice.  Yeah, I would say to any creative person that is trying to get moving forward in their career to never give up. Having said that, I myself have to be realistic at the same time I am being steadfast in my career goals. As one of my mentors, Alex Sharpe, says “Don’t be afraid to learn different aspects of the business. You might come in one door and go through another before you end up out the back door”. So, I have made myself learn different parts of the business. “Don’t be afraid to try those acting roles”, he told me. Alex was James Arness double in “Gunsmoke” and he is a fine writer. So I worked hard on my acting, studied alot, learned camera work, editing, directing and finally producing and writing. So, do any of it, or all of it. Whatever suites you, but find your niche. You have to love what you do. Thanks much!

Since our last interview in 2009,Anything you would like to fill in,Movie Career-wise ? Most recently I was honored to work in a very worthwhile project for Alan Autry. He is writing several short stories called “Choices”. Each episode will deal with individual and family choices that the characters make in their lives during specific circumstances. Dealing alot with the youth. In the first pilot, I play the father of a young woman who gets in with the wrong crowd by mistake. She calls on me to help her get out of a bad situation and what unfolds as a result of that will hopefully move the viewers into being better parents and families. Thank you.Image


Hi. I actually just got Romance listed on ebay. $12.50 plus shipping. Thanks.

Thanks! Forgot to share these links:

Hot Rod Horror available on Amazon for $10.95 plus shipping

Romance available by going to paypal.com and enter my email account vidmanddm@aol.com for $12.00 plus $2.00 for shipping. It is under Darrell Mapson, Videoman  or send check for $14.00 to Video Man Productions P.O. Box 27755 Fresno, CA 93729 and include your shipping address.


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