JESSICA CAMERON – watch her in #ScreamQueenStream

Photographer: K.S. Gil

1) Your newest film coming up is ‘Truth Or Dare’. You co-wrote the script ? Feelings about your character ?
Yes -I am so excited for this one! This was my first time writing and I must say that I am extremely NOT a writer and I so respect what the writer does. I just had this concept in my mind that I wanted to come out,which is why I wrote with someone who is a much better writer then I (Jonathan Higgins). Its an ensemble piece and I actually wrote it specifically for some of my favorite genre actors that I have been blessed to work with (casting info to be released soon). As an actor I love performing intense scenes – so it was nice to be able to help write them for my friends. My character and her friends get over night internet fame making truth or dare videos with violent twists, its all fun and games till their number one fan wants to play.
My character Jennifer is very similar to myself – not surprising since I co-wrote it. Something I love about the characters in this script is that my co-writer and I tried to really create well rounded characters- just like in real life. There are good people but few are 100% good and no one is devoid of flaws. Just like bad people – they aren’t 100% bad. We had a lot of fun working in the grey area- too often I find films focus on black and white which is just not my life experience.

2)You were in SILENT NIGHT too , Gossip on this seasonal mayhem ?
Yes I was, and it was one of my favorite shoots : )
I am Canadian and it was my first film shoot in Canada AND my first time visiting Winnipeg. I have been on over 100 different sets now….some work well, others not but this one was ran the best. Without a doubt. The director, Steven C Miller, managed to maintain the respect and admiration of every one of his crew and actors…he’s just that awesome. He was on top of everything, he was always so polite and kind. I really hope to work with him again, hopefully in a larger capacity.

Damn – I guess thats not really gossip. Here is something….Silent Night is set at Christmas time and last year (the year it was shot) there was no snow, IN CANADA?!?!?! So lines were adjusted in the script to add that in….but who would have thought that shooting in Canada during the winter months there would be no snow?

3) We interviewed Jim Wynorski , Before CAMEL SPIDERS…Wanna talk on this B-MOVIE ICON ?
Let me first start off by saying that I greatly respect him as a film maker. Roger Corman and him have really helped to pave the way for indy film makers.
Next let me confirm that if you have heard something about Jim and thought to yourself “what?!?! Why would anyone say that? That is so unprofessional, its absurd”…then yes he probably said that.
He has absolutely no filter on his mouth which I appreciate it (my personal filter is quite thin ; ), but he is definitely not for the faint of heart.
If Jim doesn’t like something he will tell you he hates it, literally in those words and often yelling. But thats just his way of communicating.
I had read that he only hires women that are a C cup bust of larger, knowing that I am not that well endowed I briefly spoke to him at lunch to thank him for letting me work with him. after all I had honestly thought I never would due to my bustline. His response…”Yeah, about that. You really should be a C cup at least, possibly a D cup. Seriously if you want to go further in your career then you have to do it”. Needless to say I was shocked, and for once speechless (this is very rare that I don’t have a smart ass retort). I laughed it off and went about with the rest of the shooting that day.

I never did even for one moment consider his advice – I am and always have been happy with my bustline and have no intention of changing that even for a director (sorry directors). We shot Camel SPiders in 2010 …so it doesn’t seem to have hurt me any yet 😉

4) BEST of The JESS-CAM On/Off set ?
I think that I am at my ultimate best when on set – its my favorite place in the whole world to be. I am at my happiest and most content when on a set -even it is a difficult shoot.
Besides when I am on a set, I think I am best when I am just being my witty, sarcastic self while drinking out with my friends.

5) WORST of The JESS-CAM On/Off set ?

I am at my worse (or arguably best) when someone is insulting someone that I hold close to my heart. That is what really gets to me and I don’t allow it. When I am on set I do try to walk away first and then speak to the offending party after the shooting is finished (as to not interupt the project. IF I am not on set then I usually speak up right away and am very straight forward. I don’t allow anyone to insult my friends for any reason – and its a fast way to get permanently on my bad side.

6) One Sentence Descriptions-
JAMES CULLEN BRESSACK – crazy, fun and a great guy to be friends with or work with!
RENEE STRAUSS is even more wonderful and charming in real life then she is on tv, hard to believe but totally true.
DONAL LOGUE is one of my favorite Canadian actors and it will be a glorious day when I get to star in a film an have scenes with him!
LOUIE COWAN gave me my first big role in Tow Doors Down and it was my first extended time on a set – I will be forever grateful to him!
DAVID FINE is someone I want to work with more – he has such a powerful presence and control of the craft .

7) Did you play Marilyn Monroe in THE BLACK DAHLIA HAUNTING ?
I did : ) I have been a fan of hers for as long as I can remember. I was always drawn to her beauty and pain. When I was a child I was so fascinated by her death – I will not get into the details about what I believe happened here, but its interesting when you look at all the details of the situation. As a HUGE fan of hers I was nervous and excited to take her on. In the scene for The Black Dahlia Haunting it is set right in the midst of her transformation from Norma Jeane to Marilyn. It proved very tricky to try to locate anything with her voice at that time – it was not the sexy, sultry voice that most associate with Marilyn, it was going in that direction there but was still being fine tuned. I practiced a lot to try to get it as accurate as possible. Brandon (Slagle – director) and Devanny (Pinn – producer and star) were great about encouraging me to take the character to as much of a historically accurate place as possible.

8) Ever wanna Write or Direct ?
You know I never did. Though I did co-write the film I am working on next, Truth or Dare. Now by co-write I mean I sat with another writer and basically chatted through the story and the visuals I had in my head and he in turn typed it all up (with his suggestions too – there was a lot of back and forth).
I am pretty pleased with the script – though in truth the credit for that belongs to my co-writer Jon Higgins, he’s the talented writer between the two of us ; )

Now I have never considered directing until late. Upon hearing of my recent writing excursion I have been approached by a bunch of people who firmly believe I should direct the film and upon listening to their reasoning I have to admit that they all made very valid points. Its actually really made me consider the possibility of directing…
After struggling to find a director that would meet our time lines and maintain the graphic nature of the script, I have accepted the position and am excited to announce that it will be my directorial debut!
I am excited though also nervous…. Its going to be a fun ride!

9) Opinions on make-up and fitness for roles ?
I am a BIG believer that its not about the actors – its about the story. The make up and fitness should fit the story that you are telling. I have shifted my weight, worked out less or more for some roles. I think we as storytellers (what actors are in my opinion) owe it to the audience to take the story seriously and change ourselves however necessary. As someone who is getting into producing let me tell you that I look for that in everyone that I even consider casting. Do I look my best 10 lbs heavier – not in my opinion. But that doesn’t matter – it was RIGHT for the role and the story and that takes priority for me. That being said sometimes the time lines in indy films don’t allow much of a transformation, but when they do its a wonderful opportunity for an actor to explore another side of themselves.
I think its also important for actors to understand the life of the character – someone who has the ability to spend 2 hours a day at the gym typically lives a very different life then someone who does not have time for the gym. Both will impact the performance.
I love make up since it has the ability to help temporarily transform an actor without the actor having to make a long term commitment.

10) Obviously you have fans,Rabid fans…Say something to appease them till next time …
TRUTH OR DARE is getting made specifically for my fans. Its graphic,honest, violent, bloody and everything that I LOVE about horror films.
One of the torture scenes is something that has haunted me since I was a child. It is in my opinion quite possibly the most horrifying thing to ever do to a woman…..but you will have to wait to see what it is : )
We will be launching an undue goo campaign this week for additional finishing funds – stay tuned for a teaser trailer!
And THANK YOU for your never ending support! I appreciate each and everyone of you!

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jessicacameronPhotographer: K.S. Gil

Original interview 2013/EDITED 2017


3 thoughts on “JESSICA CAMERON – watch her in #ScreamQueenStream

  1. Wonderful Photos Jessica, I enjoyed reading the interview – Good luck with all your future endeavors! I hope to meet you some day – perhaps at a film convention or festival.

  2. You are very beautiful and super sexy!!!!! I wish you any luck that you need in your carrier!!!! Russian movie-goers with you!!!!

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    While you wait you can check out these two interviews with the lovely and talented Ms Cameron.

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