TRICK SOLDIER – Cool title for a interesting audiobook about war and guts.

Starring the voices of: Richard Rocco,Michael Yurchak and R.F. Daley.

Tales the tale to your ears about a soldier who is highly By-The -Book and others who were just drafted or looking for a fight any where.
The listener is lead to believe one man weak and the other strong and roles gets changed by end of story.
The characters wounds hurt the ears and you feel the desperation of just wanting to survive,skirmish after skirmish.
Two other short stories of HUBBARD are here to listen to :
He Walked To War – is very funny at times and ironic in others.
With a name like E.Z. GO, This soldier made us want to hear of his many other adventures,Could see William Macy play him on screen so easily.
Machine Gun 21,000 – Has alot of gun action and plot is pretty involved for the few minutes it took to tell.tricksoldier


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