JESLEN MISHELLE —Desi de Rata is to Wrestling,What Jeslen is to Valleywood


BLOOD DRIVE – the short film

BLOOD DRIVE  indie-gogo pitch


1) What’s with the STILT WALKING?
Why not? It’s a timeless and fascinating skill to have that puts a smile on everyone’s face—all ages, all walks of life, everywhere I stilt. Though I’ve been asked, at 5’9″, aren’t I tall enough? Though my height does come from my legs, there’s only one thing better than a woman with long legs…a woman with even longer legs. 😉

2) How much do you LOVE TO DANCE?  WHY?
Who told you that? Because I do LOVE to dance, and I can’t imagine anyone feeling otherwise. Ultimately, I dance because I LOVE MUSIC. I mean, since we were babies—infants even—we innately know to move our bodies when we hear music. How do we know to do that?!?! One theory I heard was that babies are 90% water, so the sound, the beat, reverberates the water in the baby’s body and makes it move. I don’t fully agree, because why then does music make the baby’s face light up with smiles, as if it knows it’s a great thing? How do little kids know to move and jump around laughing when I know they were never taught that? Music moves us. And interpretations of sound and music will inevitably differ. So, like a translator, I like to dance to depict my interpretation of the song. This is usually shown when I do performance art pieces. They are never choreographed, but instead improvised, and depending on my mood, may slightly change. And that’s why that type is called “art”. I’m not a trained dancer, but I’ve performed dance regularly and for decent pay for 4 years now.
I love to give my interpretation because I like to shift perspective of viewers, even if only for that moment in time.
I love to dance because it’s godly to become vulnerable to the sounds, to the emotions provoked.
Though dancing at a night club with a DJ, in the crowd with the other bar patrons, is a bit different, I LOVE to dance like that too because a.) it’s fun to get lost in the lights and the crowd and the sound b.) the way I dance with no restrictions often helps others get out of their shells c.) it works me out. I especially like to work out my abs, so I tend to do thrusts and moves that work out the core. d.) I like to shake my ass. A lot. Who doesn’t!?!?!

Bottom line: I could die dancing.

3) ONE Sentence descriptions –
SHOTZI BLACKHEART : It’s a good thing females can’t reproduce asexually, otherwise she and I would be popping out each other’s babies like our wombs were clown cars because we’d be rabbits (they’d be vampire rabbit babies with red honking noses).
KEVIN SEARCY: Pay no mind to the crystal gaze of blue that makes you want to bathe within, this young buck is determined to work his ass off to direct and/or film great flicks.
BRANDON PAYAN: Can we say “child prodigy”…or I should just call his bluff and say that he’s a genius female disguised as a hairy-backed filmmaker but is really the next HUGE thing—a soon-to-be world famous writer and director?!!
JEFF MURRAY: This human earns more respect that most see in their lifetime because he’s determined, odd, cool, and real as hell, not to mention he has no shame in expressing himself in ways that can be perceived as shocking, yet he maintains that couth way about him that allows for anything he does to be well received. A magic type. Sorry, two sentences there.
ELISA OLVERA: Sophisticated and motivated, a woman in a purple beret seems to know how to get what she wants.

4) BLOOD DRIVE, You seem to be very important to this film succeeding…Is that good?
This film will succeed regardless because of the crew, however, I was unaware of my importance in Blood Drive as I have yet to be cast in it and know what character I will be. It will be important to that film to have what I bring to the table, if they let me. Why is something you’d have to see the finished product to understand. Then you can tell me.

5) BEST of ‘Jeslen ‘On/Off set?
Best of Jeslen ON set: Fearless, not high maintenance, self-sufficient, prepared, passionate of the proper/desired depiction of the character, always gives 100%, likes critique in order to grow, helpful as crew/clean up and anything else that needs to be done, multi- faceted, as I contain many random skills from singing to painting to skateboarding and other athletics, to construction and other manual labor, interested in learning, kind, doofy (funny), tolerant, patient and understanding. I’ll stop there, for starters.
Best of Jeslen OFF set: See above.

6) WORST of ‘Jeslen ‘On/Off set?
Worst of Jeslen ON set: I run late. My native family calls it “Indian Time”. I’m grumpy on early call times. Another thing that could be “bad” is that I get really into a character and even when not filming between takes, I portray that character. I think I’ve offended and scared certain other cast members and have made crew members nervous. I haven’t been told, but I think it could be rather obnoxious to some.
Worst of Jeslen OFF set: I have been told I come off as condescending—I think some people just need to be told what to do and how to do it! And, well, usually it’s men who are interested in me who say that.

7) Sorority Girls Roadhouse Rumble from Harmur Films: Is that why you’re trying so hard as a professional wrestler?
As the saying goes, I never try anything—I just do it. So, no. Currently, I’m training in some grappling and REAL traditional wrestling for a serious competition, but I’m SOOOO excited to use what I’ve learned from my world-class wrestling coach, here from the central valley, for this flick. Viewers will that see it’s believable, because it will be!
Regarding pro-wresting; it was three years ago that I decided I would eventually get into pro-wrestling (lucha and WWE style), though I didn’t plan to do so for a movie. The timing is “coincidental” (nothing’s a coincidence)! I gravitated toward pro-wrestling because I began to realize that with said profession I could utilize a large variety of skills all AT ONCE. As an actor, I love that I get to ACT! But I also get to use my athleticism, stunts, an amount of sexuality, as well as masculinity and femininity at the same time! And most importantly, I’ll get to entertain people!! That is why I’m training so hard as a professional wrestler.
The current competition I’m training for is for a charity event that is actually real wrestling, not choreographed like pro-wrestling is, with traditional wrestling rules—real wrestling. I’m one of 16 females competing, and I am going to win. I have to win. I want to show how determined I am to train for this and for pro-wrestling in general, and winning an actual real tourney will kick start my ass into the training and support. Daddy will know I’m serious. Not to mention, the event will benefit women with breast cancer and breast cancer research. I intend to donate the grand prize to a woman who could use it, as a cancer survivor.
I’m serious about Pro-Wrestling. This amazon needs to utilize her skills!!

8) You have quite a following on YOUTUBE, Planned or Accident?
It’s a new channel, so I didn’t think I had that many. I had so many more artistic, clever and funny videos on my old account that I shared with my ex, but in a fit of regret and sadness, he deleted everything. I lost so many cool performances and insider videos. I wonder what the following would have been then. Hmmm.
I can say this: any type of following of me is unintentional. I don’t do anything to that purpose—I just be myself. I’m not afraid to get embarrassed or made fun of, nor do I care what people will think of me, good or bad. I don’t attempt to lead for anything. I just go. If people wanna follow me, they’d better bring a wipey—maybe to wipe their eyes, nose, butt, attitude…they’d better know that this won’t be sugar coated mainstream anything. I’m not accountable for how their life will change for the better upon this following.

9) Ever gonna Write or Direct your own films?
Yes and Yes. I have to. It’s an obligation. From above. I’ve seen too much to not share it. I encourage everyone to share their stories, somehow. When mine are done baking I’ll know, and I’ll share them.

10) What can share with your fans of all your facets?
Fans? All I know is that anything you like about me, you too could do. And most likely, the qualities you see in me—good and bad—are within you also. That’s why you recognize them. So fan of me or not, we are the same. And I love you, too.



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