DAVID STAY – This Dude is no actor,HE is Tha’ REACTOR !!!




BLOOD DRIVE the short film

TEED OFF aka Shank,Bloody Shank



PHOTON as Mandarr villian
1) So, Do you consider yourself memorable?

I believe when I am cast in a role, that’s my job, that’s what I am supposed to bring to the table. Many people think acting is easy. Yeah it’s easy, for actors that suck. Memorizing lines is one thing, but you have to become the character you are portraying. And the hardest part is mastering one of the first rules of acting, acting is not acting. The other thing I feel is important to master is leaving the character on the set and not taking him home with you, especially, when you are playing a bad ass, which I play often. You have to be careful, hey look what happened to Heath Ledger, I truly believe the Joker he brought to Batman might have had something to do with his demise.

2) Dahmer Vs Gacy, Good career move?
Sure why not. This kind of goes hand and hand with being memorable. Ford Austin called me to play a cameo role as the neighbor whom Dahmer and Gacy kill simultaneously. He sent me the sides and in my first line I mention how I baked my famous fruit cake. I called Ford and asked him maybe I play this character as gay. He said go for it. After further analyzing the role of Bob, I thought to myself, what else may, I bring to this character to make him unforgettable. So, I made him a gay DEAF guy. And, please I want everyone to know, I love the gay and deaf communities, just a character I created to be specifically memorable.

3) BEST of ‘The Stay’ On/Off set?
The best of me on the set is I come prepared, I come in character and I come ready to give everything I have to give. Off the set, I consider myself a caring and considerate being. One motto I live by, and I live by many, is I am better than everyone because I am no better than anyone.

4) WORST of ‘The Stay’ On/Off set?
The worst of me on set? How dare you! OK, if anything I am a perfectionist, I do not care for one take directors, I like to give a different angle on the delivery per a few takes to give the director and editor some options. I may also be a bit of a joker on set at times. The worst of me off set? Well, I have never been married, almost once, as I am a bit eccentric. I need my space and I just need a woman who can appreciate that as I am a loner at heart. Enough of this, are you an interviewer or a psychiatrist?

5) One sentence descriptions:
Danny Bonaduce = Fellow bad ass (“I will shake the rafters of your existence”) with a heart of gold.
Howie Mandel = Hilarious, down to earth and gracious.
Ford Austin = Brother from another mother.
Randal Malone = An honor to have him as a friend, a man who is an icon in his own right and is, and has been friends with some of the greatest celebrities of our time.
Powers Boothe = Captivating and intense actor.

6) What do you wanna say about SPHERE OF THE LYCANTHROPE ?
I achieved a goal that so many told my partner Keith Grening and I was impossible. I wanted to make a statement, if I could do something like this for less than $15,000 what do you think I could do with a real budget? After winning 2 Best Feature Awards in 2009 making history for the year, After winning 2 Best Feature Awards in 2009 making history for the year, I am currently looking to get funding for the sequel. Although not a big fan of most sequels, this one is a completely different story taking place 20 years later literally and based on a SPHERE forbidden to speak, Mwaaahahahaha.

7) Are you where you want to be?
No. Even though I am well known in the industry I am still an underground celebrity, but I am breaking ground. I want a bigger voice because I plan on making a difference in this world. That is what I have always wanted more than the celebrity and I am well prepared to be assassinated as if you look at history, anyone who wants to make a transformation for the better of society we kill them. Put it this way, in my ending, I would like to of been of greater purpose.

8) How do you feel, Replacing MICHAEL BERRYMAN in TEED OFF?
Well, I am a big fan of Michael, but I don’t feel anything. I have been replaced as I have also had roles stolen from me and visa a versa. Hey, if I were replacing Tom Cruise I would be ecstatic, regardless, that is the nature of this business. May the best man win!

9) Wanna talk about Ghost Hunting or Life Coaching?
No, if anyone wants to know more about those aspects of my life they can go to http://www.hollywoodparanormal.com and http://www.staylifecoach.com.

10) What DO YOU wanna say to the followers of ‘The Stay’?
First off I wanna say to you, refer to me as ‘The Stay’ one more time and I am gonna slam my boot up your ass whereas it will Stay cause I will be leaving here with but one on. I like to consider myself a great celebrity. I am recognized maybe once or twice a month and I love it. I can’t stand stuck up celebs who can’t be bothered with the public, they find it bothersome, they hide their faces from the paps constantly, well F off, that is part of your job, if you don’t like it go flip burgers. Your fans keep you working and I say if you see me come over and say hi. I love you all!

Lastly I want to thank you Mr. Chris Mackey and Guestars for all the support. You guys are awesome. Now rock on!stayphoton


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