R.I.P. IRWIN KEYES – You My Fiend, Are one of the chosen Icons of Film



K E Y E S  ( This article is one of our tributes to the Late Mr. Keyes, We met him more than once & he was our guest at a con at Manchester Center,Fresno and was soon to be in a film here in Valleywood-BLOOD DRIVE: Vamps,Wolves and Cars ,So Sad,What he still had to offer ….)


BLOOD DRIVE ( attached)


Eagleheart (TV series)

Evil Bong 3-D: The Wrath of Bong
Dahmer vs. Gacy
Black Dynamite

El Mascarado Massacre

Intolerable Cruelty
as Wheezy Joe

House of 1000 Corpses
as Ravelli

Legend of the Phantom Rider

The Vampire Hunters Club

The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas
as Joe Rockhead

The Godson
as Tracy Dick

Oblivion 2: Backlash
as Bork

The Flintstones
as Joe Rockhead (as Irwin ’88′ Keyes)


Sam and Max Hit the Road (Video Game)
as Bruno (voice)

Double Switch (Video Game)
as Brutus

On the Air (TV mini-series)
as Shorty the Stagehand

– Episode #1.3 (1992) … Shorty the Stagehand
– Episode #1.2 (1992) … Shorty the Stagehand
– Episode #1.1 (1992) … Shorty the Stagehand
Guilty as Charged

Mob Boss

Death Wish 4: The Crackdown

Exterminator 2
The Jeffersons (TV series)
as Hugo Mojelewski

– In the Chips (1984) … Hugo Mojelewski
– Bodyguards Are People Too (1983) … Hugo Mojelewski
– The Strays: Part 2 (1982) … Hugo Mojelewski
– The Strays: Part 1 (1982) … Hugo Mojelewski
– My Hero (1981) … Hugo Mojelewski

The Exterminator

The Private Eyes

The Prize Fighter

1) How can you be so nice in this business of SHOW ?

The greatest acting part in my life. I have actually convinced the world that I am a nice guy.
No way am Im  Mister-Nice Guy… I am Mister Watch Your Back Baby!
2) What would you have done differently, In general ?

What would I have done differently. Maybe be anything but be an Actor. Back then who knew?
Life does teach you things. Whether you like it or not. Back in the 1970′s we all tried to change the
world. The world didn’t need changing. It was all of us who needed changing in thought.
3) Didnt you think Don Knotts & Tim Conway were a great comedy team ?

I had the great fortune to work with Tim Conway and Don Knotts in not one, but two movies. (THE PRIZEFIGHTER and THE PRIVATE EYES) They were the funniest duo in film I ever worked with. Tim wrote the scripts and left the best Laughs out of the script. When he improvised on the set, it was hard not to laugh. Don had great timing. Never overdid a laugh. Just right.Two real PRO s.
4) Was the JEFFERSONS tv show a good experience ?

THE JEFFERSONS was not only the number 1 sitcom and tv show in America, but it was my first job in California in 1983. I had just moved from NYC and Hollywood was new to me. They hired me for a guest character Hugo, that became a recurring part in the #1 show. The cast of the show were all very very funny. I learned so much on this show. Especially comic timing. We had a live audience that like to really laugh. I would say something and the laughs were so loud I had to wait to say mynext line. Then even more laughs. The audience never lies!
5) One Sentence Descriptions- Rob Zombie ,Charles Band ,Ford Austin ,David Lynch and Rod Stieger.

Rob Zombie- I want to see through your eyes, see what you see Rob.
Charles Band- Number 1 in my book, great Director.
Ford Austin- Slowdown Ford, you are doing just great.
David Lynch- Offbeat is good , Offbeat is great! There is no normal.
Rod Steiger- Tell me how many Actors get to do a scene sitting on Rod Steigers lap!
6) Have you ever regretted a role choice ?6

No regrets here. I’ve loved to Act more than life itself.
7) You face is probably one of the legendary “Seen Him,But cant name ?”…You okay with that ?

I am beyond that. I am me. Take it or leave it. I see it in theirs eyes.”who is he?’”I know I know him?”
8) We want you to star in our Horror/Car Movie “BLOOD DRIVE 2016″,not based on AC/DC song from ‘Highway To Hell’ cd,Its filming in the Central Valley of California…Opinions ???

Great,call my Manager, Studio Talent Group 310-393-****. Lets Party.
9) Did you enjoy the Video Games experience ?

My acting in videogame experience was at the beginning of all video games. I did a few vid games. They were pretty good stuff. We are in a different realm in vid games today.
10) Okay,You’ve endeared yourself to tens of thousands of fans…Tell them what they can keep forever-

Don’t be fooled by imitations and remade entertainment. Hollywood can do better. The audience deserves better. Life is beautiful every day. Best show in town.

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