ALL AMERICAN HORROR – Gateways To Hell ? …Will not be found on the History Channel .

allamericanSo there is witnesses,Teams of investigators and some very awesome & real locations thru-out the country with ghosts and things that will do more to you than bump in the night.
Some highlights to visit: DEVIL’S STAIRS in North Carolina ( Wait there is alot of Spooky in N. C and the South),Serious WHY would you want to temp Lucifer or whoever is doing ”That Mr Bojangles routine up & down this staircase,Shirley Temple would pass on it.”
HANGING HOUSE in Wilmington,N.C.,So LIKE “Amityville” house this one was REALLY built on a grave site and the bones don’t like you walking over them.
CEMETERY GATES in N.Y., So all those cable shows that preach re-use or refurbishing,Would NEVER re-do these (period).
HAUNTED HOSPITAL in Kentucky,YIKES ! The place where they sent TB patients to die and some nurses are still there haunting for patients Hundreds of years later.
RAILROAD PHANTOM,From who knows where ? So,She may have been murdered and thrown from the train by an ex,Or jumped from train to her death,Or strolled into its path….Well,Its a fact she is dead and haunting these rails !


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