ADRIAN PAUL star of AE & Highlander to appear at #TulareSciFiCon

Stars : Adrian Paul & Richard Grieco.apocalypse-earth1
A Thunder Levin flick.
Exciting beginning,Kind of STARSHIP TROOPERS.
Then the crew lands on a Alien Planet ? and goes into PREDATOR film territory.
We get a ‘Sci-Fi Channel’ swim ( That means the scream queens tiny bikini AIN’T coming off) aka AVATAR.
The title is similar to a 10 year old CG flick TITAN A.E..
It has two of our favorite B-Movie tough Guys ADRIAN PAUL (Highlander) and RICHARD GRIECO (21 Jumpstreet).
The spaceships are really nice,The aliens are BAD (Predator mode) and GOOD (THE MOLE PEOPLE) and the ending was a Great Payoff.


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