ATLANTIC RIM – Robots,Monsters,Military Drama = Mockbuster At It’s Finest !

Stars : Graham Greene,David Chokachi and Treach.
A Jared Cohn flick.
So,Yeah,You know the tune PACIFIC RIM is coming out soon and Asylum wanted to warm up the genre for you.
This is one of the best mockbusters of a movie,Ever !
The CG effects are tomorrow’s look and not alot of stock footage BLAH.
The cast consists of one of the best voices in Hollywood and a ‘GI JOE’ Melange with a ‘Nick Fury’ wannabee scenery chewer thrown into our perfect ‘Geek Salad’ .
FROM THE SEA comes this Godzilla-ish creations that need a nuke up their reptilian butts to stop them.
Great movie wherever or on whatever you end up watching on.


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