BARRIO BRAWLER aka American Brawler :Harkens back to pure action flicks with heart !

Stars: Morgan Benoit.
A Jose Montesinos picture.barriobrawler

When I was in my action/adventure movie immersion in the ’70s and ’80s, Michael Dudikoff would come out with a American Ninja flick like every 8 monthes.
Barrio Brawler brings us again to the James Ryan,Leo Fong, and David Heavener School Of Acting- Athletes from decades back.
The scenes come off “ROCKY” like from the raw first movie,Not the manufactured physique of 2-6 ?
Jose Montesinos has a superstar, Morgan Benoit,Who like Jean-Claude Van Damme in his first major role is the bad guy, See what we are getting at – Barrio Brawler is awesome to watch !
The hero,Marco Alvarez, Has the underdog giving us his all acting style,Very welcome performance.


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