Anthony C. Ferrante – He is a SHARKNADO of Talent !

Hansel & Gretel
Headless Horseman
Red Clover aka Leprechaun’s Revenge
American Horror House

1) So about all that ‘Hansel & Gretel’ REDBOX issues ?
There are at least four Hansel & Gretel movies that I know of that came out this year. I can’t keep track of them, though if I wanted to see a specific one, I would make sure I was getting the correct one. I’m sure there are still people renting the 1980 haunted house movie The Changeling, turning it off and completely pissed off that Angelina Jolie isn’t in it. And now we have Halloween and its remake, Halloween II and Rob Zombie’s Halloween II. Or what about Universal calling the prequel to 1982’s The Thing, also The Thing. Mockbusters. Remakes. Sequels. The casual consumer has their work cut out for them in the 21st Century.
2) SHARKNADO must have come from some type of ‘Mockbuster’ name generator thingy and then dropped in your lap Or ???
Take a Shark, add a Tornado and you have an insanely crazy movie. We tried to deliver on an epic studio-like scale with a budget that would probably cover the craft service bill on IRON MAN III … for about a week.
3) Ever heard of-
Antonio Ferrante Gonzaga, Duke of Guastalla…
Maybe you have a castle to claim or something ???,_Duke_of_Guastalla

No, I smell a castle in my future. I’m ringing up my lawyer now. I’m coming for you, new Duke of Guastalla, whoever you may be.
4) BEST of ‘ANTONIO On/Off set ?
I don’t give up until the movie is finished.
5) WORST of ‘ANTONIO On/Off set ?
I don’t give up until the movie is finished.
6) One Sentence Descriptions –
Tara Reid … super cool and sweet, plus she froze to death for us on that submerged living room set proving what a trooper she is.

Ian Ziering … dedicated, a blast to work with and willing (and requesting) to do insanely outrageous stunts even though he didn’t have to in addition to allowing us to cover him (and his co-star Cassie Scerbo) head to toe in blood on one of the coldest days in February.

Dee Wallace … one of my favorite people ever and she’s gifted me two great performances, she’s constantly supportive and one of the sweetest friends I have.

Jose Prendes … the fastest screenwriter in the West who delivered a really great script for H&G and made sure I didn’t ruin his baby too much.

7) Just Directing from now on …
movies with two people in a room talking about their feelings. Okay, there can be some blood in it too. And maybe 250 VFX shots. And perhaps a gigantic mutated animal. And any cast member from the original 90210. Oh, and ghosts should be involved as well. Actually, as long as I can find a way into the story and bring some kind of style and energy to it, I’m there, so I’m directing EVERYTHING from this point on.

8) Ever going back to the MOCKBUSTER well?
I know HANSEL & GRETEL is perceived as a mockbuster, but when we were making it, we were making a horror movie using the HANSEL & GRETEL story. Yes, rip me to shreds for that statement, but aside from the similarity in the title, our film has little resemblance to the big studio movie that came out. Honestly, everything comes down to story. If there’s an interesting story there, or a chance to do something different that I’ve never done before, I’m totally game.

9) Any GOSSIP in your career to shock us ?
No gossip, though I wrote some songs with my buddy Robbie Rist which are performed by the band Quint and were included in the film, including a crazy theme song. That’s about as shocking as it gets.

10) Last chance for the fans to hear the wisdom of ANTONIO?
Brush your teeth after every meal, don’t feed yourself after Midnight and always stay off the third floor. And most importantly, hide yourself inside a bomb shelter, because, truthfully, we all are really going to die in a Sharknado.


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