SHARKNADO – There is Sharks,Tornados,90210 Alumnae and pure SYFY awesomeness.

Stars: Tara Reid,Ian Ziering and John Heard.
Written by Thunder Levin,Directed by Anthony C Ferrante.Sharknado

So,The set-up of a guy trying to do the right things ,finally,Actually makes the viewer feel for him during this surreal disaster.
The opening is quite a shocker,No really,There are some shocks and roller-coaster rides in this flick.
Enjoyed the cast,John Heard (Home Alone dad) is quite a Cheers-like ‘Norm character’ who wants his bar tab kept open as long as he has to fend off shark attacks with his bar stool.
Cannot believe some of the sets and special effects achieved, One scene reminded me Universal Studios Tram parted the Red Sea in a living room,It’s a compliment peoples.
At least for instances,Where you wondered who came up with the absurd,But cool, Gimmicked scenes…Don’t want to spoil those moments,But – Do this whenever a shark comes flying at lead actor/actress Do Not Look Away !


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