TED PRIOR — Just may be THE DEADLIEST PREY in Hollyweird !


1)      Using ‘Back In Black’ as your theme song ?

Hey man, “Back in Black” is a simple straight forward no bullshit kickass song.. That’s why it fits “The Deadliest Prey” film so well.. We don’t really mess around too much with things like a “story” or “relationships”.. it’s more like “strap in brother, we’re going for a ride!” That’s what makes it fun..

2)      Do you hate staying in shape between films ?

YES!! More then you’ll ever know… I really could give a rats-ass about going to the Gym.. The truth is I didn’t train for about 15yrs until 5 yrs ago.  I had an open-heart surgery that dam near killed me and I lost a ton of weight. I went from 185lbs down to 145lbs and looked like Willem Dafoe’s skinny brother if you can imagine that! When we decided to do The Deadliest Prey I was back up to about 185lbs but realized I needed a bit more size so I got hard core for about 8 wks  and got up to about 200 lbs and fairly lean. Since the movie I work out twice a week tops for health reasons only.. I’m 54 for shit sake!! Enough’s enough already!!!!

3)      BEST of ‘ Ted’ On/Off screen ?

I’d like to think I’m a good husband , father and  friend.. That’s my priority..  Everything after that’s cake.. I’ve been incredibly lucky in my life and have no complaints.  On-screen I’ve always done my best for better or for worse. The same goes for Off-screen. The difference is what you do  On-screen last forever.. that can be a good thing or a real ass-kicker!!

4)      WORST of ‘Ted’ On/Off Screen ?

Hey listen man, I can be an asshole just like anyone else.. I’ve come to realize It’s so much easier to be cool and kind to people… I really don’t bother myself with bullshit. As an AD (Assistant Director) for many years I’ve learned that at the end of the day all people want is a little respect.. it’s that simple.. It really doesn’t matter if it’s an actor, producer or the homeless guy down the street.  As far as On-screen, I stopped worrying about that shit years ago.. I always do my best and that’s the end of it. After that, it is what it is….

5) One Sentence Descriptions – Raye Hollitt _______,David Prior, Brilliant ,Reb Brown Gentlemen ,Frank Stallone Awesome and

Eric Roberts Inspiring.

5)      Seems like your physical prowess,Is half your acting ability ?

Yea, ya know.. I remember when we got the idea to make “Deadly Prey”, the bodybuilding thing was in full swing for me so it only made sense. I believe my brother Dave and I went to see “First Blood” and that’s what spawned the idea.  From that point I really tried to put my best foot forward as an actor but you know how it goes. Once I opened that physical can of worms it seemed to be my thing. And don’t forget our company at the time was called “Action International Picture”.  A lot of the scripts we’re written at the time for what I was best at.. Don’t get me wrong, I have no complaints.. I’m a lucky guy…

6)      Ever wanna do comedy ?

I did one once called “Heaven can help” and I was worse than horrible!! Apparently heaven couldn’t help me.!!. Here’s the deal… In real life I THINK I’m fairly witty and sometimes funny.. but that’s a far cry from the focus and concentration it takes to hit comic timing on que.. never again my friend. I’ll stick to kick’n ass!

7)      When are you going to Write or Direct ?

I’ve only recently been going in that direction. I wrote a script called  “GOD ANONYMOUS” that a hand full of people are interested in. I’d love to direct it but we’ll see how it goes.

8)      Ever got hurt ON SET ?

Constantly, are you kidding!!.. Hey listen, I don’t get stunt guys. In a movie called “Born Killer” I had a dozen squibs taped to my bare back… hurt like hell.  But most of the pain is all the running I’ve done through the woods. It seems like every movie I’m in I’m barrel-ass’n through thick woods that just tare my ass up. And sometimes bare footed!!

9)      What are the words, We have always Needed to hear from Ted Prior ?


Oh hell, well I suppose if anyone needed to hear anything from me it would be “thank you” for all the years of support and fun I’ve had. My real 10 yr. old son plays my son in “The Deadliest Prey” and the experience we shared was second to none. You can’t buy moments like that… fuck’n priceless!! And for that I’m grateful..  One last thing I’d like to say.. if you want to make a move, just MAKE IT!! Don’t TALK about.. don’t spend years re-writing it.. and most of all DON’T ask other people’s opinions… as we all know, opinions are like assholes, everyone’s got one. Go with YOUR gut.. FIND a way. And get it DONE!!


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