FIGHTING SLEEP – Starts Slow & Then …*%$#@

A Brandon Payan effort
Stars Jeslen Mishelle Saenz ,Roman Macias,Luke Church and Thomas Delacruz.sleep

So,Wanted to see what Brandon would do with ‘No Budget’ because he has been pursuing a film with a ‘Budget’ for some time.
Brandon,You were amazing at making this film fast,thoughtful and complete.
Did not like the slow build to climax though,An attention – span is dangerous and knew that had to be more of JESLEN besides her ‘Just Dying’,And “WOW” glad that there was a reward with make-ups and nuance.
Roman Macias,Do more films,You have ‘IT’ .
Luke Church,You are very natural and timing is everything,Your ‘James Dean-ish’ bent,Know some people who should get you a ‘Silver Spyder’
and put you against some vampires soon.
Thomas played some wild characters and one is a ghost,The costume or appearance of apparition makes us dislike it alittle,Seems to be more of a statement than effect or ‘Look Of Other Worldness’.
Why no credit for the suicide type chick at motel ?


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