DEADLIEST PREY —Better Get Your PRIORities Straight Soldier !

Stars: Ted Prior,David Campbell,Fritz Matthews.
What would you do if the director of a film offered a pre-release showing of his long awaited sequel ?
Do not wanna give away any spoilers at all,But David Campbell,The Villian,Has some catch phrases and a half to enjoy.
Ted Prior revisits one of his favorite roles,Danton from Deadly Prey,Ted as we interviewed recently wasn’t sure he could still be ‘The Prey’,But letting his fans make their own opins about results, You Go Dude !
Bringing Fritz Matthews back was a screenwriters nightmare ( NO SPOILERS,REMEMBER) and a gift to David Prior fans.
Did we mention David Campbell steals the film scene after scene, And Ted Prior seems to be okay with considering their last filmic dance.
Lots of knife work,bullets shot and traps galore.
There is ironic comedy too.
Would wish DEADLY PREY was promoted as 25th anniversary edition sometime.


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