BRANDON MALLARD —Can Someone Be This Nice in Valleywood Films ???

Brandon Mallard

“The Visitation” and “The Moment After 2”, “Shattered Flames, “Intergalactic Adventures of John Neptune”and ” The Asylum”.

1) How can you be a Christian in films ?
Well, that’s probably more of a loaded question than most people realize! It is true, where Hollywood is concerned, there is a lot of irreverence toward anything sacred, especially in Christianity. However, the matter of faith isn’t challenged solely in the Hollywood scene, as it can be challenged in any other workplace where there will be unbelievers. The most basic answer I can give is that I figure out what my convictions are, and I stand by them. If I tell someone I’m a Christian, it’s not merely the choice religion I grew up in, it’s the fundamental morality that guides my discernment and my decisions. It also goes beyond being a religion, it’s a relationship with a God who has a purpose for me.
How does this concern how I view a script? Subjects like cursing, sex, nudity, drugs, and graphic violence are all sensitive when it pertains to people of faith. If there are any of these elements, then I have to determine what is the purpose. If they are done for sensationalism, especially sexual situations, then I won’t do it. I won’t do it because there’s no need for it, and it doesn’t win people to the Kingdom. But, if the purpose is to show a character who is in need of redemption, then that is potential to both speak to an audience who doesn’t know Christ, as well as point to a redemptive solution for an audience who doesn’t know Christ. It’s a way of demonstrating a light in a dark world, and then letting the Holy Spirit do the rest (Zechariah 4:6).
I think ultimately, the question to ask myself is whether I feel the script is a movie that God is calling me to do. That doesn’t mean I will get a clear answer every time, because I’m not expecting a booming voice from the clouds. However, my discernment is based on the ease God would put on my spirit. If the script doesn’t call for a Bible, an “alter call” scene, or God getting the direct credit for the good things that happen, it doesn’t mean I should turn it down. To do so, just based on those elements, means I’m putting God in a box, without letting Him work through a script. If God can create the universe, surely His glory can be reflected in a brilliant script. If a movie has the ability to catch our wonder, our recognition that there is something greater than ourselves in this life, that is a part of God’s design. If I turn something like that down, I’m turning down God’s design.

2) Ever heard the comment,You look like ‘Dennis Quaid’ in “Jerry Lee Lewis” movie ?
Haha! I can honestly say I don’t recall ever hearing that exact phrase! But, “great balls of fire,” now that I’ve seen it, I think I could serve as a good body double for Dennis Quaid, who is one of several actors I’ve been compared to!
3) What is ” A Wish Your Heart Makes” ? Who did you re-create for them ?
“A Wish Your Heart Makes” is a company that focuses on children’s and family entertainment. I have been a contributor to their cause since it’s kick-off in 2007, and the goal has always been to make memorable, wish-granting moments for families. Maybe a family in the valley wants to take their little girl or little boy to Disneyland or Knott’s Berry Farm but can’t afford it. So, the company brings a little bit of that magic to them by sending in “real” princesses, pirates, superheroes or fairy tale characters. When we are at their houses, we lead the children in fun activities that parallel with the character’s theme. Say, if there’s a princess, then the birthday girl will be crowned “Birthday Princess” and given a tea party, story and dance. If there’s a pirate, then the birthday boy will get pinned “Pirate King” and given a treasure hunt, and assorted obstacle course games.
Personally, I have performed over 15 different characters minimum! If I thought it out, I could probably think of a few more!

4) One Sentence Descriptions – Charles Perez_______________, Ian Pugh _____________,Stephen Baldwin_______,Candace Cameron Bure_____________ and Kathee Brown ___________ ?
Charles Perez: A nice guy who has demonstrated creative flexibility. Ian Pugh: A nice guy who should be hired by LucasFilm and LucasArts! Stephen Baldwin: A commendable and decent actor in some decent and not-so-decent films. Candace Cameron Bure: A lovely actress who’s as genuinely beautiful on the inside as well as on the out. Kathee Brown: A nice and accommodating lady who has been very helpful in molding my experience and growth in the party entertainment business.

5) BEST of ‘The Mall’ On/Off set ?
As far as film goes, the best memory so far would have to be a group prayer on set. Whether one wanted to participate or not, it was a perfect way of leveling the playing field. Despite whether you were the star or director, or if you were an extra or production assistant (which I was at the time), it demonstrated everyone was in the same project for the same purpose together, which made each individual important. We were all dedicating ourselves and the film to the Grand Designer.

6) WORST of ‘The Mall’ On/Off set ?
The worst memory so far would probably be getting chewed out for being lazy. I was just trying to figure out how to properly accomplish a task I’d been given!

7) Is MAD HATTER,Your favorite performance,Or who ?
Y’know, the Mad Hatter is probably the one I’ve heard the most positive feedback from. Most of the other characters I’ve performed with have told me that one was their favorite. It’s a gem for me to play, that’s for sure! As far as my favorite, though, that would probably be the pirate captain. Certainly both characters give me a chance to play the goofy, more physical type of role, which I think I’m pretty good at!

8) Is your military background ,Still an influence on your life ?
Once a Marine, always a Marine. Oo-rah! Yes, despite the fact I may not being working for the same core purposes and occupational specialties as I did in the military, it was an experience that helped prepare me for many of the challenges I have faced since then. Tackling my schooling, my other jobs, and even the physical demands of the party and entertainment businesses have been prepped in the kind of mental, emotional and physical training I received militarily. In a word or two, it has instilled discipline and determination. Certainly, if I audition for a role as someone in the military, I’ll have something to draw from!

9) Ever wanna write or direct ?
Wow. Long before I ever thought about being an actor, I first gained recognition from friends, family, church and school for my artistic ability. I loved writing stories complete with drawing or recreating cartoons and stories that I was fascinated by. In fact, my original response to “what do you want to be when you grow up?” was “I want to be an author and illustrator.” These days, since school I haven’t done much writing. And, since one of my best friends is a screenwriter perhaps I haven’t necessarily felt the need to write something. However, one of my staples for friends and family during the holidays and special events, is a personalized cartoon caricature of me as a mallard duck doing something creative! And, each one is always different. Plus, I ponder about the stories I’d either like to write or see come to life in some shape or form, so those talents are probably still on reserve, ready to be utilized whenever I choose to use them!

10) Last comment for us to take home ?
brandonmallard Jeremiah 29:11. Remember, God has plans for each of us. These plans are not to harm us, but to give us a future and a hope. They’re meant for our prosperity, but that doesn’t mean we’re guaranteed a winning lottery ticket or free ride. God wants us to prosper by letting Him work in our lives. If we give ourselves to Him and His call, then all we have to do is say, “The answer is ‘yes,’ God. Now what is the question?” Much of His prosperity will entail getting us off of the sidelines and getting our hands dirty. Some of it will be glorious, some of it will be humbling, but we are guaranteed He’s got our best interest at heart. That’s blessed assurance as an actor, or any other occupation. If nothing else, that’s what I hope you can learn from me.


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