SINISTER VISIONS from Chemical Burn Films…Anthology done right.

sinister-visionsStars : David C Hayes and Kim Sonderholm.
Anthology filmed in – Denmark, Sweden, US states of Ga. & Az.
SUCCUBUS – Great look of a female Indiana Jones finding the ‘ wrong ‘ possessed relic and it turns her into this nigjht club – hopping winged/fanged creature with a taste for blood of men.
Retro Homage to NOTLD – Very amusing experiments in a lab that go awry with zombies and doctors.
HOLDCARE – caregiver appliance for handing your zombie at home.
MY UNDEAD GIRLFRIEND – Probably the longest segment and well worth the character development.
Very funny courtship of undead girlfriend and asking her normal parents for her hand in marriage and having to control her ravenous appetite for brains.
MOTHER KNOWS BEST – Yikes,PSYCHO influenced ‘Mother Issues’ and a bevy of beauties not good enough for Madre.
A WOMAN SCORNED – This begs for a sequel of what SHE would do next on her hurtful, insane journey .
GENITAL GENOCIDE – Leave it to David C Hayes to do a tribute to the SCANNERS ‘Blowing Up Head’ iconic moment in only way Hayes knows how, With bathroom humor.Actually there is even a moment form NOES with Freddy Kreuger ‘ Meeting The Parents’.


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