RISE and FALL..in LOVE— a musical romance plus a sci-fi bent…

Stars : Louanna Lee, Clear For Takeoff and George Stover.DVDB101_out

This is the best project that Lee Doll has ever done,Gotta give it to this Maryland Music Impresario,He has improved and grown with every film he touched.
This may be the company’s first PG theme.
The group, Talegunner is a upcoming but unsigned band with the lead singer,Louanna Lee .
Clear For Takeoff plays the back-up band and they are fantastic, Being a band with a clean BOY BAND bent.
Louanna is coaxed by an evil producer to leave her band and boyfriend in one grand gesture.
Never to give away plot details all will probably work out in the end plot, This is what THE MONKEES used to do on TV and THE BEATLES in Movies.
Lots of music videos in their entirety and extras,Upon extras.
Almost forgot about the alien sci-fi angle, It was a welcome comedic twist and made for a shock ending.


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