FRED MULLIGAN’S ‘SHOWCASE OF STARS’ …variety is back and by GEORGE it’s good !

Stars- George StoverAdobe Photoshop PDF
A Lee Doll effort.
This is really fun dvd , It’s kind of a companion piece to ‘ Rise and Fall … in Love’ musical romance .
George Stover ( B-Movie Legend) is a genial celebrity who hosts acts on his ‘Showcase Of Stars’ program.
This vehicle is awesome because it gives Lee Doll regulars a chance to shine with a multitude of entertaining skills ,We were’nt aware of on film.
Louanna Lee of course is good singer and seems strongest this go round, Clear For Takeoff band is great and on there way to big things in sound,Paul Sieber ( The Fixer series) does some awesome impressions and Nelly’s Echo should do more – Has a great sound.
Alfred Guy’s son ? is equal to his dads martial arts skills and again— Needs to be used more in future productions.


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