GEORGE STOVER — Possibly the most awesome character East of Hollywood !

george1) Wait a second,You’re playing the Wizard in PROPHET OF OZ ?

Yes, I’m in THE PROPET OF OZ, which is a Christian short subject based on THE WIZARD OF OZ. The filmmaker—Doug Ulrich—wants it to be seen by as many people as possible, so he’s already put it up on YouTube for everyone to view for free. Doug also gives away lots of free copies to friends and other people who might enjoy seeing it and benefiting from the Christian message in the film. It was a lot of fun to make and it has gained a lot of attention on Facebook.

2) Kindly explain ‘Fred Mulligan’s Showcase of Stars.”

Lee Doll made a movie called RISE AND FALL…IN LOVE which is a musical inspired by THE MONKEES TV show and the Beatles’ movie A HARD DAY’S NIGHT. Within the plot of the story there is a television show called FRED MULLIGAN’S SHOWCASE OF STARTS on which Louanna Lee strives to appear in order to help her singing career. I play the host of the show and base my character on Ed Sullivan, who hosted a popular variety show many years ago.

After the release of RISE AND LOVE…IN LOVE, Lee released another DVD called FRED MULLIGAN’S SHOWCASE OF STARS which has a more complete version of the show I hosted in RISE AND FALLS… IN LOVE. The show has commercials plus more complete versions of some of the acts, such as the impressionist doing more impressions and the magician doing more magic tricks. Also, there are no cutaways to the love story that is in RISE AND FALL…IN LOVE. In addition, the FRED MULLIGAN DVD has over 90 minutes of extras.

3) BEST of ‘The Stove’ On/Off set ?

On set, I’m prompt and patient and mild mannered.
Actually, I’m the same off set, too!

4) WORST of ‘The Stove’ On/Off set ?
On set, I get bored waiting around for long periods of time. So I usually bring something to read to help pass the time. Off set, I have trouble focusing on things and my mind wanders a lot. I’m getting more and more absent minded and forgetful.

5) One Sentence Descriptions – Lee Doll ____________,Doug
Ulrich____________,Louanna Lee _________,Erik Kristopher
Myers______________ and Late Don Dohler_________.

Lee Doll has become a close personal friend and is one of the few independent producers I know who wants to make nonhorror movies that are clean family entertainment.

Doug Ulrich is also a great friend and I think of him as a “Jack of all trades” whose skills run the entire gamut.

Louanna Lee is a talented newcomer and I really enjoy being in her movies. I hope she will try to do more live shows in the future as her career develops.

Erik Kristopher Myers attempted and succeeded at making an independent movie that is very dramatic and dark—ROULETTE. Most independent producers would not attempt such a project since a film of this type without any stars in it is not the easiest type of movie to sell. Yet Erik went ahead and made it anyway.

Don Dohler was a close personal friend for many years and he and John Waters were pioneers when it came to making low-budget movies in Maryland.

6) Are you really as nice in person ?
I try to be!!! And I think I succeed at that pretty well.

7) Does the budget of a film make a difference to you?

Well, to an extent. Often, the larger the budget, the smaller my role….and vice versa.

I like to have as big a role as possible, of course, but as I get older, a lot of the larger roles are going to younger people.

8) YOU were in two JOHN WATERS films.

I had speaking parts in John Waters’ FEMALE TROUBLE and DESPERATE LIVING. But if you know where to look, you can also see me in nonspeaking roles in POLYESTER, HAIRSPRAY, and CRY-BABY.

9) Ever gonna write or direct ?

I have no desire to do either one….and I don’t think I would be could at either one.

10) Leave us with that thought that keeps THE STOVE motivated ?

For some reason, I just don’t know when to quit when it comes to acting!! I haven’t had a lot of “vertical mobility” but I keep going from year to year to year, just like the Energizer Bunny!



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