AEON , Last Vampyre On Earth … She’s a little bit Sci-Fi,Im a lil’ bit Blood Thirsty…

aeonSo very cool of a concept,execution and acting are all above the line !
So miniscule set, But what is on set is amazing ..Two leads one a vampire, the other a human female not unlike Ripley from ‘Aliens’ franchise.
So they caught they ( the dead scientists ) caught this vampyre and were experimenting ,i.e. torturing him beyond ‘Water-boarding,…etc’ and AT the end of the world as he breaks out of his Lab Coffin and this Last Female, okay maybe last human stumbles into his cell …a conversation and battle of wits ensues.
Make-up was extreme ,But very necessary for viewers belief in tale.
Set was quite sparse,But again what you needed to see was there.
“Bravo” to Daniel Falicki, April Basile and Chemical Burn studios.


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