Matt Sconce’s SUPERBLAM is FLYING into #TulareSciFiCon

1) You have a great reputation as a filmmaker for ‘Stricken’ ,’ALTAR & ‘Firefall’, What project is next ?

A: I am currently in the longest pre-production phase of my life. I am excited about the theater I now own and the expansion plan that will not only help struggling theaters survive, but will allow independent films to be profitably released theatrically across the nation. I am waiting on making more films until that theatrical platform is developed. The next project is up in the air. There are several possibilities(  #SUPERBLAM editor). I may move forward with a Faith Based Drama, or my favorite script “Magic”. I am also interested in pursuing several of my other scripts so I have not decided conclusively as to my next step.

2) Do feel the need to move closer to Hollywood ?

A: I feel that, as an independent filmmaker, it would be detrimental to move closer to Hollywood. Costs for making movies would increase dramatically. That area is slowly pricing itself out of the business. Many people are filming away from Hollywood, and I am definitely one of them. Ray Arthur has made Fresno an amazing place to film. On the opposite sides of things, if you are looking to be plugged in to the mechanism of the film industry and not someone trying to make their own movies, it may be wiser to move closer to the city.

3) One Sentence Descriptions –
A; KOPI is an amazing person with an impressive work ethic. He cares about people genuinely and is a class act, DEEP RAI is one of THE most professional actors I have ever worked with. He comes to set memorized, prepared and personable. He takes direction well and brings a large amount of value to any project,
DAVID FINE is a master. He is a team player who brings his very best, works hard to help an entire project succeed and goes above and beyond. BRETT PRIETO is an up and coming actor who’s talent packs a lot of wallop. He starred in my movie Firefall and I believe he has a massive career ahead of him. and JAMES INCH is one of Fresno’s absolute best. If you have not worked with him, please do yourself a favor and do so soon.

4) BEST of ‘Thee Sconce’ On/Off set ?
A: One of my favorite moments in filmmaking was definitely off set. It was the absolute joy and honor I felt when 1030 people showed up to Firefall’s premiere at the Crest Theatre and I was able to witness them enjoy the movie. It was magical. I will never forget it.

5) WORST of the ‘Thee Sconce ‘ On/Off set ?
A: The worst moment came in the post production room with my first feature Stricken. I worked for 3 months 12-16 hours a day on the wire removal scene in the Stricken wall hanging scene. After I finished the process, I realized I had done the entire removal at the wrong frame rate. This meant I had slaved over about 300 unnecessary frames (half a month’s work of those long days). It also meant that the work I had done could possibly not work in my 23.976 sequence at all. I almost died. I ended up finding a way to fix what I had done but it was definitely heart stopping for me.

6) Do you like picking different genre for every film ?
A: I pick the movies I want to work on or write based on a story I love. Whatever genre it turns out to be, for me, the story is all I care about.

7) What is this gossip of a movie theatre and you ?
A: I am now the co-founder and Chief Creative Officer of the startup Membership Movie Theater company “Movie Heroes” and I am the co-owner of the 5 screen movie theater the “Met Cinema”. We plan to go National with our membership program in the next year, allowing us to save theaters as well as fund, produce, and release feature films theatrically.

8) Mountains, That’s in the outdoors,Right ( Most film geeks don’t go outside) ?
A: I grew up in the mountains, hiking, throwing knives, practicing archery and shooting guns. I acquired three black belts along the way, working out in the mountains and I really love the forest.

9) So, HEATHER,Is okay with all your endeavors ?
A: Heather is the most understandable and supportive wife. An amazing actress as well, we both love each other’s dreams and passions and are the perfect team.

10) Leave that everlasting impression with the fans,Now —
A: Dreams become realities when you prepare well, and act when opportunity strikes. Dreams become realities when you persevere against all odds, surrounding yourself with the best people possible. Networking, planning, integrity, hard work, and kindness are king.


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