DOUG ULRICH …Parts Genius,Uber Christian, and Filmmaker.

1) Are we mistaken,You used to do ‘Very Dark’ projects and with Prophet Of Oz’ you lightened up ?

Yes! Jesus has a way of doing that to you, but you got to let Him.

2) Ever gonna do projects in the Big Apple ? Or is it necessary to ever do so ?

No plans to, but who knows.

3) One Sentence Descriptions- George Stover____________,Late Don Dohler___________,Kevin Kangas____________,Joe Ripple____________and Al Darago __________ .

. George Stover- Iconic professional, good friend and a joy to work with.
Don Dohler- One of the pioneers of local independent film makers.
Kevin Kangas- Creative, hard working professional who knows what he wants.
Joe Ripple- Very involved in helping others.
Al Darago- Very creative, artistic film maker and best friend.
4) The costumes & effects were so awesome in PROPHET OF OZ,You do everything with no money…How ?
Lots of creativity and patience. If you want great results, you have to be committed and put in the time.

5) BEST of ‘The Dougie’ On/Off set ?
. Reliable, hard working, professional that’s very driven. I’m like the Terminator, I won’t stop until the film is done. The two big C’s of film making and life, Communication and Compromise.

6) WORST of ‘The Dougie’ On/Off set ?
. Over driven at times. Sometimes doesn’t know when to relax a little. Not the greatest people person.

7) Wanna explain the journey of ‘7 SINS OF THE VAMPIRE’ being released this year by Alpha Home Video ?
It started out way back in 1994 as a short dark comedy called, Vampire Hookers from Dundalk, made by me and Al Darago. It never got completely finished. We moved on to other full length projects, then in early 2002, we talked about revamping VHFD. So we rewrote most of it, cutting down on some of the extreme comedy tone of the origional short film and making it a little darker, but still humorous and full length. We shot it as Blood Seduction and completed it by the fall of 2002. Had a premiere for the huge cast and friends, but never got it distributed. A few years later started focusing on Christian themed short films. Every so often George Stover would work with me on one of my short films and bring up Blood Seduction. I’d say, one day I’ll try to get it out there. Well that one day came early this year when I cast George as the prophet in THE PROPHET OF OZ. George gave me a potential distributor, so I sent Alpha Home Video a copy and they contacted me, saying that they were very interested. The rest is history. They said they would probably change the title, I told them I didn’t care just as long it would get out there. Too many people worked hard on that film for it to be un released.

8) Is it easy to be a Christian and a filmmaker ?

Yes. As long as you stay focused on your main goal, JESUS. I’m very proud of what I accomplished with 7 Sins of the Vampire, but I’d never make that kind of film today

9) COSPLAY is explained how ?
Not sure what this question is asking, but I’ve been doing make-up effects for 30 plus years and I went to Hammerjacks night club ever Halloween through the 80’s and early 90’s and won first prize quite often, but I really enjoyed the way people responded, it seemed to make them happy. Same thing today when I dress up for work or my church’s Trunk N Treat. When I showed up dressed as Batman, the kids were in awe and I’ve never had my picture taken so much in my life, with the kids and their parents.

10) Here is the chance ,for us to quote you Forever ?
Glory be to GOD.


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