DAVID STAY – From Photon’s Mandarr to Blood Drive’s Vampire

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1) So, Do you consider yourself memorable?

I believe when I am cast in a role, that’s my job, that’s what I am supposed to bring to the table. Many people think acting is easy. Yeah it’s easy, for actors that suck. Memorizing lines is one thing, but you have to become the character you are portraying. And the hardest part is mastering one of the first rules of acting, acting is not acting. The other thing I feel is important to master is leaving the character on the set and not taking him home with you, especially, when you are playing a bad ass, which I play often. You have to be careful, hey look what happened to Heath Ledger, I truly believe the Joker he brought to Batman might have had something to do with his demise.

2) One sentence descriptions:
Danny Bonaduce = Fellow bad ass (“I will shake the rafters of your existence”) with a heart of gold.
Howie Mandel = Hilarious, down to earth and gracious.
Powers Boothe = Captivating and intense actor.

3)  Are you where you want to be?
No. Even though I am well known in the industry I am still an underground celebrity, but I am breaking ground. I want a bigger voice because I plan on making a difference in this world. That is what I have always wanted more than the celebrity and I am well prepared to be assassinated as if you look at history, anyone who wants to make a transformation for the better of society we kill them. Put it this way, in my ending, I would like to of been of greater purpose.



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