7 SINS OF THE VAMPIRE – The Last of the ‘Grindhouse Vampire Hookers’ movies is released

Stars : George Stover & Anastasia Summers.

Imagine your gory flick of ten years ago is released this year,After one of your actresses has passed on and you moved on to other movie themes ?
This happened to all in this SOTV cast/ crew.
It’s a good scare and has some moments .
The hero bears more than a passing resemblance to DENNIS FRANZ of NYPD Blue TV and his young partner has ‘ Sins Of The Flesh’ issues.
George Stover, Always a lucky charm to ANY film production,AS another coroner…
Ed Dilley, As Vampire pimp is quite adequate,Seen him in other films,Dude you have the skill set to entertain viewers doing what ever role,Thanks.


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