1) Prefer directing ,writing or director of photography credits ?
I like directing. Being in charge. If you aren’t directing, movie sets are a bore. If you’re directing, then you are chasing shots all day. A very fast day.

2) Has acting ever been fun ?
I acted in one movie called Evil Ever After. It was an awful experience. It was trying to be the grossest film ever made. Never again. I really try to make actors comfortable on my set and be patient with them. I’ve witnessed so much abuse of actors over the years on no budget crap. Most of them are working for nothing and this guy will say, “Fall in the mud again. Now again.” In the movie Seven Samurai, a man says, “It’s better to be a dog than a farmer.” Better to be a dog than an actor.

3) One Sentence Descriptions – Dave Sterling –
I don’t know how he keeps selling movies. Amazing guy. OH 3 sentences,
Ron Ford -Nice guy. ,
Randal Malone —Very Nice guy. Generous. ,
James ‘Poorman’ Trenton — He can walk in an empty bar and by the end of the night have 20 girls in bikinis on stage stripping on camera!!!
and Eric Spudic –
Eric realized he could never hook up with Peter Jackson or James Cameron, so he chased after Fred Olen Rey and JIm Whatzhizname and ended up in many of their movies and that was smart. .

4) BEST of ‘Leroy’ On/Off Set ? I don’t know.

5) WORST of ‘Leroy’ On/Off Set ? I had a melt down on a Joe Castro film. I screamed at all the so called actors. That was the last time I ever worked for Joe Castro. Good Riddance.

6) Have you made your favorite film,Yet ? My newest film is always my favorite. I’m getting ready to do a FRANKENSTEIN IN A WOMEN’S PRISON film.

7) Budgets of movies…Your Theories ? I wish someone like Sam Raimi would have looked at my movies and said this guy can do a lot with a little. What if we gave him a bigger budget? But, it was not meant to be.

8) Your miniatures are amazing….Thoughts on CGI ???

I think you should use miniatures and supplement them with CGI. I don’t think miniatures alone look good to people any more, unless you are doing satire like TEAM AMERICA. People expect cartoonish CGI. I was watching THE SPY WHO LOVED ME with my mom recently. She thought Kurt Juergen’s Supertanker looked like a toy in a bathtub. Even though the model was 100 feet long and filmed on the real ocean, I don’t think these miniatures cut it in today’s CGI cartoon world. Of course, I don’t give a crap. I’m still watching the stuff I loved when I was a kid and hating phony chick flicks like GRAVITY.

9) Awards & Film Festivals…Important ?

I ask myself, why did that piece of crap win? This movie over here was so much better. I think most of them are rigged. I don’t even try to enter them. There was a brilliant episode of South Park about Sundance Film Fest were all the movies were about gay cowboys eating pudding. A few years later Brokeback Mountain came out and won all the awards. I don’t make Gay Cowboys eating pudding films. I avoid them like Herpies. I really liked RIDDICK and really hated GRAVITY. GRAVITY will win all the awards, but RIDDICK reminded me of ROBINSON CRUSOE ON MARS. It was a guys flick. They usually don’t win awards.

I was shocked when Simon Barnet had a screener of my film RAT SCRATCH FEVER and wanted to show it at Cinefamily in Los Angeles. “You mean that art house place? Really?” Of course, they showed Birdemic the night before. So, they have a sense of humor. They showed a movie called MANBORG, which I really liked.

10) The most important thing, You would want Your Fans to think about ?

I have fans? Not after they read this.

jeffleroy(edited 1/23/15)(original 12/2/13)



  1. Outstanding glimpse into the mind of a micro budget filmmaking genius. I think I need to take a long shower now. ; )

    Thanks for sharing.

    I can’t wait to see Giantess Attacks

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