STRICKEN – Scary Good,This film makes it known good horror can be filmed anywhere !

Stars : David Fine & Stephanie French

A Matt Sconce flick.Image

Watched STRICKEN and was cheering at it’s pure horror elements,’Is That Wrong ?’

Poor girl lost her mom,then her dad,then her boyfriend…Wait a second they all have her in common…OR do they ???

The effects are most inspiring,Really impressive ,Especially when you see lots of FRESNO landmarks and Highway 41 referenced.

David Fine gives this ‘Steve Railsback vibe, Google that actor young’uns .

David Fine has set a watermark in the last year,That only one other actor has Bill Oberst Jr,You might wanna see some of his work too,WOW dudes you are ‘Creepy Cool !’

Matt Sconce does so many genres in his filmmaking journey,Matt this was an ‘Out Of The Park’ effort,Loved the acting,make-up and just pure evil that was on surface.


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