ALL THE DEVIL’S ALIENS…Not The ‘Grey’ Story that Area 51 touts,But—

Stars: David Gries, Lisa Mueller and Joseph Scott Anthony.

Made by : Daniel Falicki and Ryan Lieske.

So,Watching this flick reminds you of the gothic -like films of Full Moon and Roger Corman, Remember those attempts to inject alittle class that was non-existant usually on a miniscule budget.

Could have seen GRIES before,But let us just say he has the put-upon guy down pat,His character is given a chance to breath and make some sense out of the villian’s doings.

MUELLER is quite good in a deteriorating ‘Caregiver ‘way.She is called to explain,coddle and service the villian.

ANTHONY is truly amazing as the villian,Watching ATDA unfold,One thinks ‘Oh,Those Bad Greys’,Then it is revealed just how freakin’ twisted ANTHONY truly is,was and will be !

Okay,Now to one filmmaker Daniel Falicki,This is the second of your films we watched in two weeks,Love the worlds you create and found out you made one of our recent SCI-FI favs FUTUREWORLD, Thanks, Just thanks, Love the path you lead us one with stories,characters and direction.



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