a Kristin West & Kate Marzullo music video extravaganza.

So, Wanted to explore different areas in my indy movie journey and volunteered to help judge the film contest at FANtastic Horror Film Festival next year in San Diego.

The Thomas couple offered PHOENIX SONG as a possible entry, It was amazing and should be in all festivals !

PHOENIX SONG is like those music videos that MTV ( When it showed music videos ,Would either edit to hell show after 10pm or NOT show),It run over 12 minutes and has this wonderful flow of characters to go along with the great music.

R. Kelly,Michael Jackson and even Meat Loaf would do these,Wait- Kiddies its worth the pay-off till end of song videos,PS is one of those pieces.

COSPLAY,RENFAIRE,Even some FACE-OFF touches add so much to just 12 minutes…Then we  find out this is kind of a pilot for a full series !!__phoenixchronicles


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