THE TRUCK— Amazing Throwback to those Haunted Vehicles,With Sick Drivers sometimes behind wheel !

Stars: Tim Emery.truck2

A Lee Vervoort flick.

Where to start this written tribute to a great actioner on wheels?

Loved,Loved this flick.

We got a PLYMOUTH TRAIL DUSTER from Hell,A FORD FAIRLANE that needs work and yet kicks up some dust of it’s own every other scene.

The devices of the Bad Truck include a winch,a bloody winch.Just let your imagination dwell on that ,Because we don’t do spoilers,And It’s much worse than you would assume.

The acting is very well done,The starring couple were great,Could have done with a love scene,But I digress.

The sheriff and deputy should have been continuing characters in other movies,Seriously LEE,A sheriff with a cadillac and a deputy whose wheel chair has a Gatling Gun..’.C’mon-These be Badazz !!!’



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