ANNA : Scream Queen KILLER – This Ain’t No A-LIST Film Barbie to be messed with…

Stars & Written by:  Melanie Denholme.anna

So,Seen ONE HOUR TO DIE and others of Philip Gardiner’s  ‘Dark Watchers’ and’ Dead Walkers’

…You see a style that in ANNA is attributed to The Aquinas ?

Okay,Assuming Phillip had nothing to do with ANNA ( Wink,wink),Melanie has captured his famous style of film-making and built upon.

This actress,A Scream Queen, by all means,Answers an ad for an actress audition like no other.

She has a sheet of one sentence scenarios to be performed in front of a one man camera crew ( Hi ! Philip) .

Okay,Now the good stuff is : ‘The Alien Attack while driving her auto’ scene is amazing and it was filmed while Melanie is obviously driving In Traffic and does things with one hand that are amazing and wonderful to view.

‘The Psychiatrist session about The Alien Attack’ Wow,Melanie recreates the above scene for an imaginary Dr. of the mind and performs on him so to fill his hour !

The ending of ANNA was so cool and unexpected.





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