RAT SCRATCH FEVER – ‘Food Of The Gods’ style,Syfy singing MEGA-RATS RULE !

Stars : Ford Austin,Randal Malone,Tasha Tacosa and David Stay.

Write & Directed : Jeff Leroy.rsf

Giant Rats,Ford Austin sweats Machismo and cool explosions and rides !

Okay,So we open on a exotic Planet X and it’s really neat,Until you get the extras viewed and found out it is a Porno Set .

The acting was on par with any on SYFY Channel and the deaths are more than that channel can handle.

We like this film on so many levels,That the budget cannot explain,Amazing look seen through out film.

Tasha as the lead goes thru a variety of emotions and always has this vulnerable,but menacing undertone.

Ford was at his pinnacle as a zero-budget leading man and really tries hard to show multiple sides to a character that is basically not likable.

Randal was truly stretching his acting skills with props,makeup and costume that made sense,In this scenario.

Leroy uses big real rats,Alongside his REEL RATS and his Remote control vehicles have it all in gear and his scale models of Los Angeles are breathtaking.




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