HAUNTED TRAILER – Perhaps RON JEREMY has Montezumas Revenge ???

Stars : Ron Jeremy and Lauren Leal.haunted

Directed : Chuck Norfolk.

Hilarious spookfest with a’ Dukes Of Hazzard meets Troma’  smell.

The writing is so much fun and the ‘Fart & Shart’ jokes are every where.

Ron Jeremy is given alot of funniness to explore, And does not let us down.

The cast is really great at this type of raunchy, gross action and ‘Yes’ it’s just one set,But that set is a HAUNTED TRAILER !

The character of MOMMA is really a scene stealer and owns the screen when it appears.

We wish we could mention some of the gags,But our eyes are still burning from the ‘Coco Butter and Bleach’ !




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