VENGEANCE IS A .44 MAGNUM – ‘Tarantino’ influenced and He would be flattered in BLOOD !

Stars: Brandy Amann44magnum

A Robert Elkins flick.

So,The first hour was not so much fun and we get it, you have to set up characters and situations that are desperate.

NOW,that that is out of the way…The last 40 MINUTES ROCK !

Brandy (Not Norwood OR Melville) is a great b-movie starlet and goes thru some stuff to become a Super Heroine in ‘Quentinville’, Or whatever this slum of a neighborhood is called…Very desolate environs.

Vengeance is BRANDY and She is AWEsome to behold with a .44 pistol,knife and tech 9 .

The stunts are pretty neat to behold and Brandy obviously did her own work and must have got some bumps and such to herself.

We believe TONY JONES was Brandy’s pal in the wheel chair,He was really good with dialogue.


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