THEY WILL OUTLIVE US ALL – Can Funny and Grossly Violent be used to describe this …

A Jessi Gotta and The Shearers effort.theywolua

So these room-mates at the end of the world, Decide they might not be the only tenants left in their building.

Jessi Gotta is something else,Talented behind camera and fun to watch act…Don’t think she would turn down any suggestion to make a film better.

The monsters are really cool to see do their thing, Scary and yet cause many comedic moments.

The dialogue between room-mates is witty and makes you want to have them say more.

The drinking and drug use is very prevalent and not sure it was needed,Except that should bring in a young crowd as a party flick.

Great poster,Great cast and witty dialogue makes this a must see.




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