1) So, Prefer being a Bad-Guy or a Good-Guy ?
It’ doesn’t really matter, as long as it’s an interesting role.  
2) Ever gonna Write or Direct a film ?
Maybe someday, right not I am focusing on acting and producing. I recently produced Brutal, a MMA / Science Fiction feature I star in. I am currently producing two more features, both action with the same team I worked on Brutal with. 
3) BEST of ‘White Tiger’ ? haha If that’s a nickname for me it’s pretty cool. I’d say my strongest attribute is perseverance. Anyone that has trained martial arts or gone into the entertainment industry knows that both take years of dedication, training and sacrifice. 
4) WORST of ‘White Tiger’ ? I would say my worst deficit is I am a bit obsessive compulsive. 
5) One Sentence Descriptions – Michael Jai White  A really nice guy, great actor and amazing martial artist with amazing control and speed .___________,Jeff Hatch _Great actor, huge heart, amazing work ethic.___,Bill Oberst Jr.___The best. Bill is the most underrated actor working today. Hands down he’s phenomenal. _______,Clark Gregg__Really nice, funny, great actor. Impeccable comedic timing. ______ and Jackie Chan Jackie.  What can I say, it’s Jackie. A legend and one of the nicest people I have ever worked with. _________.
6) Your website sells merchandise ? My website is a portal to link to my facebook and youtube pages. I need to get it updated, I completely forgot there was a merchandise link on there!  
7) So Martial Artist – Actor – Model ? What percentage of each ? Martial Artist first. I say this because martial arts carries over into every aspect of my life. It provides the discipline becoming a good actor requires. I do enjoy modeling but there’s not much to it. It’s just showing up and staying in shape.
8) You’re in Hong Kong,While answering this interview ,Why ? I’m currently here working on pre production for a slate of Hong Kong features produced by China Star. I can’t really say more than that about the projects, just that they are going to be really ground breaking. 
9) ‘Expendables’ franchise,Want in ? Have opinions ? I’d love to work on Expendables, it’s a great franchise, a lot of fun and has almost all of my on screen heroes. It would definitely be amazing to work with and learn from so many great icons. 
10) What is the statement you can make,that fans will quote and steal for their own slogan ? Work hard, train hard and persevere. If you want it go out and get it. 
*( I nicknamed you White Tiger,Have a better one ????) haha White Tiger is cool, Morgan is fine too. morganb

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