CAROLINE WILLIAMS – Horror Sequel Queen and proud of it !

Caroline Williamscaroline-williams-interview-texas-chainsaw-massacre-part-2

1) Hearing alot of Buzz on one of your recent films,CONTRACTED,You like it ?

Had a fantastically fun reunion lunch with the Contracted family recently!  Very proud of this bunch; we made a terrific, talked-about film and Eric England has a lot to shout about.  Of course, we’re all doing the shouting for him, since he’s a taciturn Southerner.

2)TALES OF POE sounds like a cast of whose who of Scream Queens,Any gossip ?

Wish I knew!  Can only say that the inestimable Amy Steel is a clinical psychologist in real life, but I’m hoping she’ll jump back into the slash & burn with this movie.  Adrienne King is a vintner (her Camp Crystal Lake wines are extremely popular!), but she digs the gore and grue, so I know we’ll be seeing more of her!

3) BEST of Ms. W On/Off set ?

I curse too much, am occasionally bossy & loud, and I smoke.

4) WORST of Ms. W  On/Off set ?

I curse too much, am occasionally bossy & loud, and I smoke.

5) One sentence opinions –

Uwe Boll – inventive,

Eric  England -New Tobe,

Christa Campbell-smart!,

Kane Hodder- gentle,
Rob  Zombie -mysterious,
and Tobe Hooper-   benefactor.
6) How have you lasted so long in this crazy business called Showbiz ?
I got married to a nice Jewish boy with a good job & had two wonderful kids.  Keeps you sane and grounded.
7) Does the title ‘Horror Icon’ bother you ?
Not a bit; I’ll always give my best to the fans.
8)Did you really watch ‘ A Dove Among Pigeons’ short film ?
Hell, yeah.  It grossed me out that she was feeding the pigeons.  I was waiting for (David) to pull a shotgun out of the hedge and take her damn fool head off, but no, (David) had to eat the pigeon feed and die of poison.  laughed my ass off.
9) Heard you are participating in ‘FANtastic Horror Film Festival’ in San Diego at Halloween ?
 Not entirely sure, actually.  We’re getting heavy action for that Halloween weekend.  Lots of paid gigs out there.
10) Those last words from someone who has seen things ?
 I’ve seen things, and then, I’ve SEEN things. . .  .caroline1

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