Z HUNTERS – ‘This ain’t Walking or talking DEAD !’

zhStars: Ron Ford & Richard Erhardt.

A Shawn Shay flick.

‘Bring On The Dead’.

So, At first thought was watching a takeoff on that pest remover reality show ‘Billy The Exterminator’ ,But with Zombies.

But,No it was like MAGIC SWORD ( A Bert I. Gordon 60’s fantasy flick) and Z Hunter Knight was gonna have an episode in a cool cave,A tunnel , Never mind it does’nt go there.

Okay, So Richard Erhardt has best lines like ” You are like denizens of my bowels,You rain shite !”

Ron Ford does his latest ensemble performance,But actually there is a little ‘Rain Man’ kind of nuance to his Z Hunter.

Oh,yeah kudos to BLADE GUY,You made the film dude !( Well maybe you and what Richard said…)

Z HUNTERS ,part 2 is gearing up as this review comes out.



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