BLACK TOWERS TO DANGER – audio book about OIL,Treachery and Murder !

Stars: Josh Robert Thompson ( Known as ‘FAKE’ Arnold on ‘Howard Stern Show and ‘More Than Freeman’ in commercials).

Hate to make a review regional,Because we all know Guestars Blog is international,But, We live an hour from Bakersfield (Ca.) and the oil derricks line the roads into this metropolis and Bakotopia has been known as ‘Thee Oil Community’ of state.

Black Towers ” ” tells a very pulp-driven story of a wildcat oil man named Bill,Who is in Venezuela as it has more opportunities for all to discover oil .

Bill is framed for murder and has a time crunch to claim his oil stakes and so the bullets of enemies and authorities become awkward.

There is more stereotyples than most of Galaxy Press product,Almost a shame,But not wanting to change the masters words,Well look at how much grief Katy Perry got with a few Beatles song lyrics,Sheesh.



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