JONATHAN NATION – ‘Air Disaster’ Movie King


1) Why work for the ASYLUM studios ?
In 2008, I did my first Asylum movie”2012:Doomsday” and they’ve been great to me ever since. I love the movies they do. I grew up watching sci-fi/giant monster/horror films and now thanks to the Asylum, I’m in these kind of movies! They make movies very fast which I love.When i’m on the set of an Asylum film it sounds like this,” Roll sound….. Action!…..Cut!…..that’s a wrap for jonathan nation”!!
2) What IS your real name ?
Gern Blanskin!!!

3) Is Leading Man/Bad Guy in your future ? Why ?
Well, I’ve played guys with a little bit of a bad side, but no leading man stuff.And I don’t see in happening in the future. I’m not the leading man type i don’t think. I’ll never be the guy who saves the day or gets the girl,and that’s ok because I feel I’m more of a character actor which means there is a lot of work i can do. I don’t look like a leading man because I love eating burgers! Usually on my first day of a new shoot and no one from the crew knows who I am, they think I’m the electrician or someone who is there to fix something. I’m the EveryGuy! Wait, maybe if the leading man was a electrician who loved burgers!!

4) BEST of ‘Nation’,On/Off set
On- I always arrive early, way before my call time. Sometimes too early. It’s a goofy habit of mine.
Best off set? Well,I walk the dog and take out the trash.

5) WORST of ‘Nation’,On/Off set ?
On- I can’t stay away from the food/craft area.
Worst off set? I get bummed out and start moping because I miss the food/craft area.
6) One Sentence Descriptions—

Dean Cain -The most down to earth actor I’ve ever met.

Mindy Robinson-Not only beautiful, but the hardest working actress in Hollywood!

Kevin Sorbo-Can work 12 pages of the script in a day, and wrote a fantastic book.

Dee Wallace-Movie icon who keeps on working, non stop!
7) Is FACEBOOK a good thing ?
Too early to tell.I’m not on it as much as I use to be. People seem to love it.. I always get photos of the meals they are about to eat. And they always inform me when they are going to the gym. But I’m sure when the next new thing comes around everyone will jump ship like they did with Myspace. Everything gets old. We will see.

8) Mockbusters, Deserves an audience ?
Sure! There is an audience for everything I believe.People seem to like them. I like them!! Maybe that’s because I’m in a lot of them.

9) WHY are you such a nice guy ?
Thanks for saying I’m a nice guy!! Someone once said, if you have the choice to be either nice or right, be nice! I have a lot to be thankful for so I try to stay in a state of appreciation for all I have received. My cup is overflowing!

10) OK,Give us that “Coaches Speech” for winning in life…
We need to live life on purpose.The entire universe is an intelligent system and the universe that is your physical body is a multitude of systems all functioning with amazing perfection, and it to is an intelligent system. When we realize the unstoppable force that is within us then all things are possible and nothing can go wrong.And through this inner transformation we can create our outer world full of open doors.(Original interview (c)2010)


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