RON FORD – You can Call ‘IT’ a Comeback….


1)’ Game Camera ‘ is your newest movie,any explanation needed ?

Living outside of LA for the last decade, I don’t have the opportunities to make features that often anymore. And I suppose I am less driven now to do just ANY project that comes along as I used to be. I’m over 50, and I have made a lot of movies. So it has to be a project that is either lucrative or one that I feel strongly about to get me motivated. Also, I don’t necessarily think features are always superior to shorts, it depends on the story and what its scope is. The short film Game Camera was so exciting, and its story had many gaps in time that needed more development and explanation. And the rest of us involved in the project felt the same way. We loved the story and wanted to tell it more fully. So we pooled our resources and made that happen.

2) Prefer being on stage or filming something ?

Good question. I love acting on the stage, though I am getting to enjoy film acting more than I used to. The energy from a live audience and the continuity you get in performing a story from start to finish is the greatest satisfaction I know without getting naked. But as far as being behind the scenes, directing, I want to make a movie. Directing a play has it’s challenges and rewards, but I don’t enjoy the process nearly as much.

3) So  you survived ‘Shot On Video’ era of film-making ?

I did, am and will. Hell, all visual media is going that way. Film is quickly becoming a fringe medium for specialized artists. Nowadays it is nearly impossible to detect which project is shot on film and which is cleverly simulating that look with digital technology. To me, HD makes movies shot on film look like they were shot on video. The audience is very close to not caring about that distinction anymore.

4) BEST of ‘Fordius’ ON/OFF set ?

I don’t know, it’s a broad question. I think I’m a compassionate rational person and I love my fellow man, that kind of stuff. I am a good person and I try to behave in “good” ways. I think my great skill is as a writer, expecially when under a deadline. I am in my element most when I am acting onstage, and that symbiotic relationship with the audience is the greatest thing in life.

5) WORST of ‘ Fordius’ On/Off set ?

I can be cranky, negative and grumpy, I can be moody. Thanks, Dr. Guestars. On set, I can get impatient. I am so used to making movies under guerilla conditions, always under the gun, that I can be in too much of a rush, even when I don’t need to be. I have been told I can be a bit of an asshole at times. Mostly, though, I think appreciative of my usually volunteer crew and want to make them all feel welcome on set.

6) One sentence descriptions –

Forrest J. Ackerman -The father of fandom, Famous Monster motivated me probably more than anything else as a kid.,

Shawn Shay –Extremely talented artist.

Fred Olen Ray – A great guy who never forgot his roots.

Tom Steeber – Super talented artist and a kindred soul in many way.

and Brad Picard-  A great actor and a great guy who never let’s his friends forget how much he means to them.   .

7) Do you miss ‘Hollyweird’ much ?


8)  What do you think of film festivals ?

     Film festivals are an all right way to get your movie seen, but you must be very selective about which festivals you enter. Make sure its one that is focused on the type of movie you made, and one that will do you some good. Free festivals are great for exposure, and enter as many of those as you can. But most festivals charge an entry fee and you can go broke paying thom and never have your movie accepted, much less seen by the right people.

9) What do people remember you for the most – The Fear ? TIKI ? Hollywood Mortuary ?  

Probably Hollywood Mortuary, although I don’t get much fan mail about it anymore.

10) Last chance to inspire all those who live somewhere besides ‘Hollyweird’ ?

   You are living at the best time ever to make your mark outside of Hollywood. Now professional quality production is affordable to most. And you have the Internet to gain a following. These are things we could only dream of just 20 years ago. Get out there and start shooting stuff!



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