KONDELIK bros. : James ‘The Airplane’ VS Jon ‘The Volcano’


1) So who does ‘what’ on each film ?

Both Jon and I direct…we like to focus on different things so we can divide and conquer

on set. Jon will focus on Actos’ performances where as I work with our camera department and

Director of Photography. Of course, we may criss-cross from time to time…but that’s the way we work together.

2) Is DIVINE TRAGEDIES ,Your next effort ?

The Divine Tragedies actually is our first production(of many) that we produced under our

production company Dual Visions. We are not directing however, a talented writer and director

is! Jose Prendes(The Haunting of Whaley House).


The film is a bizarre psychological thriller about two psychotic brothers who have a blood lust though

never committing murder before… the after effects will change them both forever. To make matters worse,

a brilliant telepathic detective is hot on their trail.


3) Best of ‘Jon’ On/Off set  ? Best  of ‘James’ ?(Editors Note: Both refused to answer these :()

4) Worst of ‘Jon’ On/Off set ? Worst of ‘James’ ?( Ed.note: Yeah,These too…..)


5) One sentence descriptions ..

Dean Cain -Charming,

Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs-(F-ing) COOL!,

Robin Givins-Sweet,

Jose Prendes _Fun

and Barbara Crampton  -Sincere.

6) Are MOCKBUSTERS a good idea ?

Here’s the thing about mockbusters…yes I’ve worked with Asylum but it doesn’t mean I’m biased…

I was a college student as well…and seen my fair share of syfy channel films which we used

alcohol to get through them. But I feel that all the studios are the same. Some are just bigger than others.


Asylum-Disney-Warner Brothers…all the same. They are all business. What sells. What doesn’t. What’s trendy–what isn’t. And so on.


To answer your question, I think there will always be trends in films (Volcano–Dante’s Peak, or more recently

The Legend of Hercules and Brett Ratner’s Hercules, or the painfully similar titled– Olympus has Fallen and White House Down).


They all do the same thing. Asylum is just less subtle sometimes…and they have that pre-existing stigma with the fan boys and online guys(which we are fellow movie nerds as well).


I(james Kondelik) just directed a film called Age of Tomorrow. It’s an alien invasion film about LA fire fighters and an elite squad of astronauts defending us against a massive alien threat.


Fairly standard sci-fi action film. Nothing to do with upcoming Edge of Tomorrow which sounds like a sci-fi

Groundhog Day…don’t worry…i’m not making fun…I’m actually very excited to see that film.


But both stories aren’t alike at all…being apart from the alien storyline.


So to answer your question in short, Yes, but I think they’ve always been around…just

Asylum coined the term Mockbuster.



7) Think industry will separate you two ?

haha. Umm…I don’t think so. I think every now and then I can foresee Jon and I having less involvement than

the other on a certain project (life does happen after all). Recently, I, directed solo for the first time on

my alien picture. Jon was swamped with planning his recent wedding that doing prep on our film and prepping

his wedding was just too much to juggle. Understandably. Though he was present in spirit…we’d always

talk, text everyday and update him on the status of the film…and he even gave me notes

when I was editing my film. Hahaha. What else are brothers for?




8) Will you direct or write again ?

Absolutely! We have a few projects cooking at the moment…don’t want to say just yet.
But they are in the thriller/horror genre. So we’re excited to switch gears from Action/disaster/sci-fi(though we
love them dearly). I’m sure in the future…not so distant future…we’ll return
with more heart racing, pulse pounding, fun action, sci-fi films.

9) CORPSE SPY, Still proud of ? Available to public ?

Corpse spy? hahahah. That was a short/student film we did with our friends after high school.

It was a learning experience, but fun! It’s not available to the public…though I should put it up

on youtube…but I don’t know why anybody would want to see it. Hahaha…I said “student” for a reason.



10) Final thoughts  for  fans ?

Airplane vs Volcano a chance, if you’re a fan of ridiculous action/adventure/disaster films or all of the above.
It has great actors breathing life and actually grounding the film alot more than it was on the page.
We don’t take ourselves too seriously…just can’t…on a film called Airplane vs Volcano…but I think there are a few emotional, dramatic scenes that may surprise you than the average asylum film.
All we want to do is entertain and make audiences happy. So hopefully you all like the film…if not…we’re just getting started…so keep a look out for our new films! AND LIKE The Divine Tragedies page on Facebook as well as our Dual Visions facebook page. Thanks guys! Have fun!

our personal site:

Divine Tragedies’ facebook page:

Dual Visions’ facebook page:



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