BRAD PICARD – #Znation discovers a ‘New’ Bad Guy on SyFy Channel


1) Have you ever been the ‘Nice Guy’ on film ?

        Brad is the nice guy in Game Camera. Everyone else is just a whiner. “I don’t want to die. I want to go home.” Actually, I usually play the kind, caring, father-type figure. In Phantasmatics, I play a bit of a selfcentered, but caring older brother. Some of my roles, like playing the voice of General Calhoun in Path Of Orion: the animated scifi series, is a very strong and determined man on a mission. I enjoy portraying a wide variety of characters. But playing a badass is a lot fun. Alpha male roles appeal to me. Being an Army vet helps with that.

2) You have this ‘Rough Exterior’ on film,”Teddy Bear’ off sets ?

             I like to think that I am a compassionate person. I try to treat people the way I would like to be treated. I do random acts of kindness. I think everyone should. I guess you could call me a gruff teddy bear. I do like to open doors and take a lovely lady out for wine and dinner. Or a cold beer at the neighborhood bar. I like that kind of stuff.

3) Great actor’s name,What is your ‘ real’ name ?

Bradley John Picard is my full name.
Are you asking me for my favorite actors name? I have a lot of favorites. But Christopher Walken, Gary Oldman, Clive Owen, Naomi Watts, are ones I admire. Ron Ford is good. Steve Kane. So is Tom Steeber, but he will argue that he isn’t an actor.

4) One sentence descriptions –

Ron Ford: A very talented man in front of and behind a camera that will not admit how much I mean to him.
Tom Steeber: A kind hearted man that is a great, friend, father, and family man that has a great vision and a love of some very strange, morbid things.
Mitch Tiner: A fabulous creative mind and a multimedia artist in every sense of the word.
Patrick Treadway: A dear, kind, friend that is the most talented person, in all mediums, I have ever met.
Jeremy Lindholm: A fine, eclectic, actor that brings all he can to every role.

5) BEST of Brad On/Off set ?

On set: I just love the whole comeraderie of it. The whole team effort to make it the best it can be. The process. Meeting all the creative people that make it all come together. It takes a lot of people to make a movie. Every single person is important. Everyone should be treated with respect. I especially enjoy it when I do well. Like when a scene just falls into the groove. When everyones hard work just lets it flow. You know?
Off set: Prepare. Be ready. Take classes. Try to be better. I love riding my big, bad, motorcycle and hanging out with friends. I have a great bunch of friends. Some are showbiz people, some are not. And my lil guy, Tuco, is my best buddy. My kids, Travis and Tara, are pretty cool too.

6) WORST of Brad On/Off set ?
On set: I would have to say my own self-criticism is my biggest fault. It is weird. If someone else messes up, I see it as no big deal. When I mess up, even just a line, I beat myself up for it. I am working on not doing that.
Off set: I am a strange dude. I will stay in my house for days sometimes. A bit agoraphobic I think. I give my heart easily, and have paid the price for that.

7) So is The Stage ,The same as Film ?

              Stage and film are two different animals. Switching between the two can be difficult. I have been in over 40 plays, over twenty films. Internally the characters motivation is the same. externally is way different. For film, easy does it. If you are thinking it will show. Softer in volume and movement. On stage the audience can’t see that from the 20th row. Listening is important in both.

8) Tell us about GAME CAMERA and Fantastic Horror Film Festival nomination ?
Game Camera was a wonderful experience. Just a bunch of guys that made a short film that won a best acting award in SLC. We brainstormed and decided there was more to the story that could be told. Ron, Tom, and I, had some meetings and got the cast and crew back together. Mitch Tiner and Amy, “Wild Angel” Caulkins, did our FX stuff. With a budget of zero, I think it turned out pretty good. It is an honor, I freaked out, to be selected to participate in the Fantastic Horror Film Festival. To even be involved in something like this with all those creative people is amazing to me. I never expected it. Because of our other cast members, Steve Kane, Jason Young, Evan Achten, the Steeber family, we were able to pull this off.

9) Ever thought of commuting to Hollywierd ?

           I would commute anywhere. But Spokane will always be my home.

10) Final points to discuss with the fans of BP ?

I have fans? I have been asked for an autograph a few times. It embarrassed me. I smiled and gave it. I do think I could get used to that though. Ha!
Just remember, chasing a dream isn’t stupid or silly. Never stop working to be better. We all can be better. No matter what your dream is. I would like to thank Anne Lillian Mitchell and MAM for representing me and helping to push my dream forward. I just love this stuff. It makes me feel a sense of accomplishment. The best part is the friendships I have made.


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