JEFF MEACHAM – will be with THE ALIEN & FIREFRIGHTER cast/crew at #TulareSciFiCon !

Jeff Meacham


1) FIREFALL – That was a fun film,Any set gossip ?
“Firefall” was a very fun movie to shoot! I was doing a scene playing a Director of a show in the film and Kopi Sotiropulos  was the Producer. It was soo much fun working with KOPI. I had no idea how talented he was as an actor!

2) WARLOCK’S MAGIC –          fill us in on this series ?

“Warlock’s Magic” is a mini-series we filmed in Hollywood. I have the role of an evil villain “Dekkar” who is constantly trying to kill the lead of the whole series. I get my butt kicked quite of few times in this film. We have already filmed many episodes. This is such a fun role for me! I have never played an evil character before and I have to say I am having a blast doing it! It has shown on a few channels down in LA, but the producers are aggressively trying to sell it to a network. That will be amazing! I am so lucky!

3) One Sentence Descriptions –

Matt Sconce (Great Cinematographer and such a good person)
Soke Dave Johnson ( A true Bad Ass who is a Grand Master of Seieido Martial Arts who is my teacher who gave me my 2nd Degree Elite Black Belt)
Joe Ozier (Best Zombie we have in Z SURVIVE) He really isn’t a zombie though…
Lu Dwyer ( A rich lady who owns UFC fighters who I Bodyguard for)
Scott Seargeant ( A wonderful Actor, Producer and friend who goes all out when he films a movie)

4) BEST of ‘ The Jeff ‘ On / Off set ?

I am a great networker bringing many talented people to the project and a 5 Time Golden Gloves Boxing Champion and recently have received several awards in Martial Arts Internationally.

5) WORST of ‘The Jeff ‘ On/Off set ?

            On a set when we barely get any if no sleep nightly I get cranky on about the 3rd or 4th day. 😦

6) What is this about working for MARVEL Comics as ‘Spiderman’ and swinging from Mall Floor to ceilings ?

               I work for Marvel Characters and I do public appearances as “Spiderman”. I get the real costume flown in and I have to sign a special contract on what I can & can’t do with costume. I was trained 3 days on how to swing from the 3rd floor of a mall to the 2nd floor performing as “Spiderman”

The first time I did one of these gigs was around Halloween. I had to sign an affidavit that I would not wear the costume on anything, but the spiderman gig….but they didn’t say my best friend couldn’t wear it!!! I watched my best friend have the most fun in his life wearing it to a party. What can I say….I honored the contract..

7) Can you get dirt on your face,For a role ?

                 I love getting dirt on my face when acting! I have had cottage cheeses all over me in a play called “The Nerd”, done commercials where I jump in a jacuzzi in a full blown Pierre Cardin Tux, jumped off jet-skis going 40 mph, been done up in full Gothic make-up/wardrobe to sing a song and had many stunt fights.

8) How much do you work out ?

            I try to work out 3 to 6 times or more a week. Either running, lifting weights or Martial Arts training. I am currently training for a couple of points tournaments I am doing later this year.

9) That theory or slogan that makes Jeff

‘Keep Running ‘ ?

I can think of many! “Live and let Live, “Don’t worry be HAPPY”, “I can do All things through CHRIST who strengthens me” “Love is always the best thing to give”

Jeff  “White Lightning” Meacham




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